Don’t spend another penny on a course (not even mine) until you’ve read every word on this page. This could save you years of heartache and bucket loads of cash.



Finally understand what has been holding you back from creating the life you desire so you can finally move past it and do BIG things?
Get clear on exactly what your unique genius is and how to use it to serve others and monetise it?
Understand how to build your online presence with a beautiful and high quality website and social media that is authentically YOU?
Understand how you actually ATTRACT the right kind of client  TO you consistently so you don’t have go out fishing for them?
Have an A-Z system for launching your online business  that feels AMAZING so you don’t have to figure it all alone anymore
Be supported along the way by a mentor who understands your business and a community of women just like you who will become your new biz besties so you don’t have to go it alone.
Learn how to build your own community of people that cannot wait for you to show up and serve them- no more crickets.

My Signature 90-Day LIVE Group Program!

The only end to end program that has you covered with everything you need from deciding on your unique genius and coaching niche to creating an automated lead generation machine, from tribe magnets (copy, design, the whole shebang!) to running epic Facebook ads, from writing emails to hosting high converting webinars and from how to use facebook lives to social media strategy. Oh and there’s even some mindset stuff in there for an added sprinkle of awesomeness.



Will I have TIME to do it? I’ve got you covered! A new lesson is dripped out each week, so you’ll receive all these strategies in bite-size portions, designed to make them easy to implement. I have taken out the fluff and made sure you are only consuming what you NEED to so you can move forward quickly and build your business fast.


Will this WORK for me? If you’re a female entrepreneur who has a desire to use her skill, expertise and passion to build a business then YES. This program will teach you everything you need to know. But there is a caveat – you must put in the work, follow the system, and take action. (A business doesn’t happen by itself.)


Will I make a return on my investment? IF you implement what I teach, then absolutely. If you invest, you only need to get 5 clients at £300 to make back your investment. You can then use the exact same materials and strategies and repeat over and over again. (My aspiration is that after 90 days you will be in a position to start getting clients)


Extensive and rich training on EVERYTHING you need to know to build this business. I leave no stone uncovered. This is an A-Z system to creating your online service based business and I teach you every step so you don’t need to outsource anything.


Get your questions answered and a weekly boost of motivation. I understand that I attract an international posse so all calls are recorded and you can submit all questions prior to the call.


Easy to follow video tutorials on how to set everything up from landing pages to Facebook Ads. No need to be a techaphobic, I got you covered.


I’ll have my Tech Queen hanging around in the facebook group ready to trouble shoot any tech mishaps so that you can quickly fix them and move on with building your FEMPIRE


I will also be popping into the group once a week to answer questions. In terms of support- I want you to gt results and I am there to help you do that!


I want to make your life easier and save you time. You will get access to my templates and swipe files for highconverting landing pages and email sequences so all you go o do is edit the for you! Easy!! I’ve done the hard work in figuring out what works.


I’ll be providing you with my killer converting webinar template so you can host engaging and profitable webinars to sell your packages.

A private community for you get support, give support and make new biz bestie. It’s always better and more fun when you are not alone.
I have had my legal team draft a basic contract so that you can use it and start you business without paying for legal fess up front

Qualified Coach (BSc, PGCert and about to graduate from my PGDip). I’ve also trained with Tony Robbins and am a qualified Strategic Intervention Coach. 
Assisted dozens of clients to launch their coaching businesses and helped women make their first £1000, £10000 and even £100000.
Managed to bag myself a book deal with one of the top 3 publishers in the country (Yay!)
Did a TedX talk, write for Psychologies LifeLabs, been on TalkRadio, featured in Forbes, The Daily Telegraph, The Metro and more…
I am a proud member of the Forbes Coaches Council I am also part of the European Mentors And Coaching Council.
Mummy to two divas ( and one on the way) I get what it’s like to run a business and try to bring up half sane children. 

The Internet is full of cynics…people who scream bloody murder the moment you make a claim (and fair play as there is a tn of BS flying around the interweb)

“This can’t possibly work for everyone” “

How do I know this will work for me?” “

What if it doesn’t work for me?”

So I wanted to come right out and say this.


It does not work if… You are a negative nancy or a douchebag You are only doing it for the money You like to spend your days whining, moaning, and complaining about how unfair life is You aren’t ready to launch your business You are not willing to spend 2-3 hours every week implementing new strategies for your business

BUT if you are an ambitious female entrepreneur who is determined to create impact and influence through serving others while creating the life she wants for her family…

And you want to finally stop listening to all of the conflicting advice out there and listen to someone who knows what works, has done it before, and gets results

Then let me put your heart at ease. THE GAME CHANGER  is the solution you have been looking for.


If you come and try out The Game Changer for 30 days and realise it is NOT the program for you or I haven’t given what  I promised then I don’t want your money. We part as friends. But if you gut is telling you it is the right thing and fear is stopping you then I’d like to remove that risk for you. I am so confident you will LOVE being part of this posse and program that your pesky fear will have to take a back seat soon. But come join risk free and let’s make some magic happen!









I’ve always had a desire to become a successful entrepreneur and have my own business. I had been searching for someone just like Noor, for years. She is much more than a business coach to me. She is someone that connects with women and business on a spiritual level and understands fully what it takes to face fear and just do it anyway! Noor’s coaching gave me clarity, confidence and permission to follow my passions and make my dream a reality. She has done more for me than she’ll ever know and I will eternally be grateful KATHRYN ARMSTRONG

At first I was scared and skeptical to spend money because I thought it was just another scam. But this niggle kept nudging me to work with Noor. It was the scariest thing to invest in myself using a month and half salary to pay for the Game Changer Course, but I don’t regret it one bit. It’s definitely the best investment I made for myself and personal development, because I knew there has to be more that the regular 9-5 job. Don’t get me wrong I have a great 9-5 job but I want more. I’ve always had this dream of owning my own business and I learnt in order to achieve my dreams I have to act upon it, because it isn’t going to fall into my lap. And if you’re waiting for fear to disappear you will wait forever. Anything outside your comfort zone causes automatic fear.
Noor has opened my eyes to infinite possibilities and she has helped me see that you can go for your dreams and achieve them. The Game Changer is a total and utter life changer. I mean I designed my own website!!! How cray cray is that! I feel so empowered after doing this course and I got rid of so many blocks that have been holding me back from starting my own business, and to be honest it is soooo easy to do you just have to take the leap and DO IT!!!! Forget about the ifs and buts. You will never have enough money to invest in yourself, you just have to make the decision to DO IT and the money will come. The course has given me a life time of amazing friends and we will continue to stay in contact with each other after the course. They are all purpose driven women that want more out of life than the regular. I loved each second of this course and if I have to choose again I will choose Noor 1000 over because she’s that good at everything she does. Stop double guessing yourself, the niggle is already there so JUST DO IT!!!!
Yvette Steinmetz

Breasfeeding Coach

“Choosing to work with Noor really has to easily be one of the best decisions I have made to date since choosing to make the leap into my own business and I would urge any woman who is on the fence about working with her to be brave and just invest in yourself. Noor has an incredible gift at unlocking potential in women. She talks absolute sense and makes you really dig deep within yourself to work out what matters. Before I met her I thought that I was doing okay plodding along in my business but now I know that I should be aiming for the stars. ALWAYS DREAM BIG! I’d like to thank Noor so much for everything she has done to help me over the last few months and for her ongoing support on a weekly basis. The time we had each week really did help me focus my mind on what matters. Without a doubt I will be working with her again in the future. The woman is like a fairy godmother for mumpreneurs!” EMILY BAITHWAITE

Working with Noor has been life changing! Her support and knowledge has helped me not only create a coaching business but also had a huge impact on my life. My businesses are flourishing and the journey I have been on personally has meant I now live my life in the NOW.  I have created a balance between work and pleasure and as a result my relationships with my husband and family are the best they’ve ever been. Danielle Canty

I felt stuck in a job I wasn’t enjoying at all and working really long hours. From my first call with Noor I had a really good feeling that was all about to change, which it did! I went from not knowing what I wanted to do, to having a business idea and clear direction within 2 weeks. By 8 weeks I had a website up and running and got my first very satisfied customer! Noor has given me constant encouragement, she’s been an incredible support all the way through and I never want to stop working with her! She has amazing energy and our calls each week give me so much motivation. I just love working with her! She’s given me the belief  in myself that I desperately needed. My confidence has grown MASSIVELY and it’s all because of the things she’s taught me. I’m starting to dream BIG and now I know that it actually is possible for me to achieve my goals. Noor, I really can’t thank you enough! You’re amazing!! ‘

Natalie Daniels

Noor is the secret weapon every woman needs in her back pocket.
It is hard in a few sentences to really do justice to the full ilife-changing impact that Noor has had, not only on the growth of my business but on my own personal development.
From a business perspective, her laser-sighted focus, knowledge and experience cuts instantly through the inevitable overwhelm and fear that go hand-in-hand with setting up a business. She has been there at every step of the way to support, challenge and champion me.  Without her I’d still be sat in a coffee shop staring glumly at a website that nobody was visiting. She totally transformed my thinking around what was possible, and has been the reason that I have far exceeded what I believed I was capable of achieving. She won’t get you to the place that you think you need to be; she will get you about 5 miles past that point.
And whilst her business coaching skills are second-to-none, things get really turbo-charged when it comes to your mindset. She is an incredibly smart and intuitive coach; both empathetic and adept at smashing through the BS. She hears both what is said and unsaid and helps you find the truth that lies between the two. She will absolutely call you out on the fears that are holding you back, leaving you a braver, more productive and happier person. This is a woman that you need in your corner. Picking up the phone to her was the smartest fucking thing I’ve ever done.

Publishing Consultant

I came to Noor when I was making £4-5K months and wanted to be earning consistent 5 figure months. I had identified that my branding and website needed an overhaul and was inspired by the success Noor had.
One of the areas Noor really helped was with my mindset, she really made me focus on my energy and identify areas where I was limiting myself, this proved to be transformational and I started to attract my ideal client with ease.
As a coach I am always investing in my business and I identified Noor as the right coach to move me forward, I invested some of my profits and used a credit card to pay for the rest.
Since working with Noor I have had my first 5 figure month but more than that I know that this is just the start. She has helped me believe in myself and really go for my dreams.
I would highly recommend working with Noor, she is a fire cracker – so inspiring but funny and down to earth. She has really helped me up level my business and my mindset and I am very grateful.


WOW talk about a total Game Changer for me… Noor, you are exactly what I needed to snap me out of the blocks I’d been facing. Back in May, if someone had told me that in 90 days I’d have launched 2 businesses and already found multiple ideal clients, I’d have called them bonkers. Yet here I am, proud, centred and in awe of Noor’s ability to make such impact on me showing up- not only for myself, but for the other people I’m here to serve! Noor’s Game Changer program is seriously the BEST investment I’ve ever made. Deepest Gratitude to you ELIZA STEELE

WEBSITE DESIGNER, That's My Jam Creative

I think from working with you over the past 9 or so months, I have taken inspiration from your ‘fuck what anyone thinks of you’ attitude and I honestly give less of a shit now. I am more ambitious, I challenge myself to make my goals bigger and scarier and after doing Mrs Money Masterclass I know I am worth way more than I ever gave myself credit for! I have honestly loved working with you so much and can’t believe how much I have achieved!! One of the main things I was blown away by in working together was how you always over-deliver and go the extra mile to help. HOLLY WYER


I had some money saved and begged my husband if I could take this course. I want to be the first to admit that it is EXTREMELY out of my personality to invest in a course of any kind. I don’t know what it was, but there was a call in my heart that told me to just go for it! I’m so glad that I did. Something magical happens when you finally invest in yourself. I felt accountable to my family, myself, and to Noor once I finally took the plunge. There was no turning back and no way that I was going to do the course half way. I purchased the Gold Package and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!
I am still learning every day and still working on getting a clear vision on where I want to take my company but I feel so successful already. I know that I can do whatever I set my mind to and I attribute a lot of this newfound confidence to Noor.
I am now a strong believer in coaches and mentors. I hope to have Noor as a permanent coach of mine in the future. If you are on the fence about investing in yourself and/or one of Noor’s courses, DO IT! I promise you will not be disappointed!
Thank you so much for everything, Noor! I am so grateful for you!
Laura Gunnels

Do you want to join me and a group of incredible GAME CHANGERS who are DEDICATED to launching their online business?!


(Hint: If you have got this far down the page then I’m assuming that there is a part of you that is screaming YES!!)


If you’re still funding your “business” with your savings and waiting on the day that those ideal clients will just “find you,” it’s time for a little tough love. You’ve got to INVEST in your business for others to be willing to invest with you.

This may *feel* like a stretch to you right now, but in business, we often have to face our fears and follow our intuition. If your gut is telling you that you’d be smart to learn a proven system — a system that you set up ONCE that continues to work for you OVER and OVER again — then this course is right for you!



PAY IN FULL £1500 (+ VAT)

Please Note: VATis only applicable to Uk clients


Still on the edge?…see what these lovely ladies have to say about

The Game Changer…..