time to reconnect with the most important person in your life… you.  4-week  live program hosted by bestselling author and mindset coach, noor hibbert.


Every month I get emails from tons of amazing women across the world asking me the same question…
How can I find what my purpose in life is?”or “ I want to join your programs to build a business but I don’t know what my purpose is!” This is a question I hear so much

The truth is finding your purpose isn’t as easy as taking step one, step two and step three. It is not a linear process and if I’m honest with you, purpose found me.

I had felt lost for so long, trying to find my way through life trying to find the thing that I was meant to do, because so many others seemed to have found big. I’ve always known since a young age that being a mother was the only thing that I truly, in my heart was meant for (and being a Performer of some sort).


And when I became a mother, this was a catalyst for me finding the next level of my purpose. I don’t necessarily believe purpose is one thing but a layered experience in life as you grow towards more and more of your purpose and more aligned with who you truly are at your very core.


I wish there was a clear-cut way of finding your purpose (aka the thing that you’re meant to do in life), but like I said before it is not a linear process.


 THe purpose project is a journey of self-discovery and connecting back to your pure potenial and f*cking awesomeness…


I sat down for mont after month to really think about how I got to the place in my life where my purpose has found me and I believe you have to be at a certain mindset and vibrational alignment in order for purpose to find you. I realized there were processes that got me there.

When I really thought about how I got to where I am I managed to think of some processes, some learnings and Direction and I put it all together with the crucial pieces and elements and I’ve called it the Purpose Project.

This program is not a ‘find the business that is right for you type of program – yes many of you may start to piece together the business that you want or perhaps get clear divine downloads and what the next steps are as a result of this program but this program is a much more deeper experience into exploring who you truly are and what you really want to do with your life.

This program is being created to help you become a better connected with the universe that you can follow the signs and listen to It’s guidance.

Want to be part of the Pilot Group Of The Purpose Project?

  This is a brand new program kind of looking for some founding members aka guinea  pigs!

This is. a once in a lifetime chance to do this program with me LIVE at a crazy low price.

The Program will start on Monday June 8th 2020

These are some of things we will be covering inside this 4 week program.
This program will include WEEKLY Live Trainings plus exercises, journal prompts and exclusive medications to support you in the journey.


  • Your six human needs and how this is linked to your purpose. 
  • Your inner child and what she craves
  •  Understanding how you have become disconnected from your true self.
  •  Your values and joy map
  •  Your Dharma – unique genius
  • How to monetize YOU.
  •  How to listen to the Universe’s guides and clues.


BONUS : I’ll be doing a unique brainstorming session where you can sit with me online and we can look at how to take your skills and genius make a business out of it if that’s what you desire

The Purpose Project is about finding and guiding you towards your something big. That something big may not be the thing that makes you the most amount of money- your purpose is not always the thing that creates your abundance. However, if you can tap into what makes you happy and find a way to monetize that then this is a truly unique blessing

Every single one of us has a unique dharma and this journey is tapping into that. We’ve all been given the tools and experience to create any life that we truly desire so it’s about connecting with that and that’s what this program is going to be around.

This program will involve a lot of doing inward work,, practices and exercises, meditations and connection with the universe full stop because when you can hear what the universe is saying to you you can have the faith to follow it.
The Universe guided me to start an Amazon business because at that time I needed money and confidence in myself that I could actually make money from a business that I started (after many failed attempts) full stop this was not going to be my something big however like you have meant that I’m Mr right now rather than Mr right-the Amazon business was the Mr right now and it provided me with what I needed in order for me to them move the next level purpose in my life.
That experience is not wasted because now I have the humbling opportunity to share my learnings with people that one of the product business in my program. It was all part of my journey.

16 months after my Amazon business I launched my coaching business because I don’t have the confidence to follow my gut after reading a book that literally put itself in front of me that guided me to the whole idea of becoming a coach even though I’ve never even heard of coaching before. I was ready to listen and ready to take action.
Purpose is about evolving and understanding how to connect with who you are, or how to become the person you really are at your very core and happening to watch really makes you joyful. You have to be ready to listen to the Universe telling you what your purpose is and also ready to take action upon it.


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What’s the Investment?

Ready to Just Fucking Do It? LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE.

If you for some reason have any issues with inputting your data or inputting your card details or get an error message, please email us at support@jfdiacademy.com



You can cancel within 14 days of purchase at any point until the course starts. Once the course begins, we have a strict no refund policy.


I have no intention of doing this live again as all of my energy is dedicated to my JFDI + Business Academy members. but as I put together this program I want to do this live so that I can really get a feel for what you guys  want and need as I’m going through during the process and so I can support you guys by creating extra stuff that’s going to really compliment your journey of tapping into your purpose


It depends on your bank conversion and the month but you can get a rough estimate https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/


Yes, absolutely. all trainings etc will be put int the members portal for you to access at a later date.

Can I get personal coaching support from Noor inside this program?

This is not one on one coaching, this is a group workshop experience.  There will be a LIVE breakthrough session where you will have an opportunity to brainstorm business ideas based on the work you have done during the program.

Can you guarantee my success if I invest?

Truthbomb time.. the only person that can guarantee your success is YOU. That is why you get access to all the incredible mindset tools inside the JFDI academy as part of the business academy. I promise to deliver the content needed for you to reach success, you gotta promise to implement. Deal?

You would be bonkers to not join with this price and the incredible value that you get, all aimed at helping you create the life better than your dreams.

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