Wanna get to know me?

Here is the short version of my long story.

I’m just a 5″2 girl with one big ass dream.  My dream is simple. Be an excellent coach, be an excellent mother and be an excellent ice cream eater.  In the words of ‘amazing grace’, I was lost, but now I am found and found myself some FREEDOM and I want to help you do the same. 

I go by the name of Noor, but if you really wanna be fancy, then it’s Noor Hibbert BSc, PGCert, PGDip, RTT and on occasion T.W.A.T. I’m not your average professional.I love to drop the F-bomb and am BFF’s with the Universe, but I got a big heart and a huge desire to serve, so don’t let my potty mouth get in the way of us becoming friends.


I got a job as a Club 18-30 rep in Crete. I got really bloody good at selling booze cruises and living off 3 hours sleep. 


I was invited to the Oscars celebrity gifting suite in the U.S.A. So I went! Went to a Brendan Burchard event in San Diego, decided I wanted a book deal and to do a TEDx talk.


 Fell pregnant with my first daughter. I had always wanted to be a mother, but this was the fire in my soul to step up in life.I took a sales job I hated in order to earn money.

APRIL 2017

MADE MY FIRST £100K in my coaching business.This was a big milestone.I also got asked to do a TEDx talk!


Gave birth at 36 week pregnant. I made a decision to try and set up a business during my maternity leave

JULY 2017

Spent 5 weeks living in Los Angeles, where I did my biggest ever launch, and generated £100k in ONE MONTH,

MARCH 2013

Started my first business selling questionable wedding dresses from China, from the spare bedroom in my house. This was one of my many attempts to start a business during my maternity leave.


Found out I was pregnant with baby number 3
I also got my first publisher meeting and publisher rejection.


At 31 weeks pregnant, with my second daughter, I quit my job (due to a health scare). I had no maternity pay and started my building my next business, selling products on Amazon.


Got my Book Deal with Hachette,

JULY 2015

I graduated with a diploma with my business and executive coaching qualification.

JUNE 2018

Manifested my perfect home birth with my 3rd girl. I spend the next year growing my business and being mummy.


Generated $100k in sales in my Amazon Business,

JUNE 2019

My podcast ‘Think It, Get It’ is launched and hits the charts and goes to straight to New And Noteworthy, as well as Top 10 in Business. 

APRIL 2016

Took the plunge and invested in my first coach to help me build my online coaching business,

JULY 2019

My book ‘Just F*cking Do It’ is released! It goes to number 24 on the whole of Amazon and #1 in 6 categories after I appear on BBC Radio 2!


Got my first 6 coaching clients and made my first £10k. Went to Paris to celebrate.


I start Year 4 of my business! A lot of has happened in 3 years!

T’ve got a lot to say and it seems like the press like to hear it.  I’ve been able to share my pearls of wisdom in various media outlets and even graced a TEDx stage to talk about perseverance. If you would like to book me to speak at your event then contact  me using the form below..

i am represented by BKS AGENCY,.


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