‘I’m a half-empty type of person- I don’t think I can ever change”

This is what someone said to me this morning,

The reality is, you can change your identity if you want to in any given moment.

You can choose to think, feel and act differently.

Is it easy, umm no fucking way.

Is becoming acutely aware of every negative thoughts, every comparison, every criticism, every complaint, a walk in the park.. no, more like a spin on a Waltzer.

Because when you start witnessing your thoughts on a daily basis, they can literally make you feel sick.

We are all products of the beliefs systems instilled in us, but in the same way that software is installed on a computer you can delete, reboot, restart and install new software.

As much, as I wish this is a quick fix to the life of Reilly, it aint., but God knows you have a choice.

Do you really want to lie on your deathbed wondering if you could have been more and done more?

This is not a fucking dress rehearsal babycakes.

Stop telling me you cannot change, YES YOU FUCKING CAN.

But you need to actually do the work. and you need to want to change.

you can’t moan and also refuse to put one foot in front of. the other

The work isn’t hard. but it takes discipline.

it takes discipline to in every moment witness your thoughts and asks if they are serving you changing your life

It takes discipline to actively take steps forward IN SPITE OF all the noises in your head telling you to stay still and stay put and stay comfortable.

It’s a commitment to changing that so many of us fear.

It’s easy to go to the gym for the first 2 weeks then after that, it’s even easier to fall back into our old ways.


Because so many of us are scared of what it could really be like if we go out of own god damn way,

but either way, don’t believe you can’t choose. you can.

I write in my book:

‘We were created for a reason and, whatever beliefs you hold around creation, it does not make sense that we were created to fail. Nothing is intentionally created with the goal of failing.

Each and every one of us is designed for success and, when we embody that belief in our identity, our thoughts then create actions that lead us to success.

We were not designed to fail. We were not put on this
planet to have anything less than that which we wish for. Our default ‘factory setting’ at birth was programmed to succeed.

We, humans, were put on this planet to thrive, and as long as the world is your you know the end results you want and how to become the person you need to be to go for them, then the big, glistening oyster. But you need to reset your programming.

Your new identity will shape everything you do. There are many ways in which to start creating this identity’

…. you gotta buy the book to find those out 😉

Noor xx

p.s 2/3rds of the seats are gone for the London event on June 29th. Let’s build a new identity for you so you can just f*cking do it and go for your dreams. Pre-order a copy today and send your screenshot to info@thisisyourdream.coml

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