impatience can burn you like a motherfunker.
As I sit here today in gorgeous Mexico feeling the sting of my sunburn – I’ve learned yet another valuable lesson about life that I seem to need to keep reminding myself of and I hope serves you too.
Because If my sunburn can in some way provide some sort of lesson that will aid any of you motors then it’s worth me looking a la lobster for the day.
So .. Every freaking holiday I do the same thing if I’ve not been away for a while and can not wait to get a tan … I go al fresco minus the lotion on day one in the hope my Middle Eastern skin will somehow “this time”’act Middle Eastern and I won’t end up a shade of rouge.
The reality is .. it never freaking works and every time I end up sore and red and avoiding the sun on day 2 which is so annoying as I love the warmth on my skin and to lay out in it or swim in it.
And on day 2 on said holidays- I always have the exact same bloody mental conversation with myself. WHY DO I DO IT ?!? Why don’t I ever learn ????
Who knows. I’m an idiot.
I’ve literally done this at least 10 times and yet continue on my valiant quest of being a total burning idiot.
So what has this post got to do with anything other than me and my stupidity? Lots actually.i’m not going to talk about habits today, although that would be a worthwhile conversations..but..
For starters, it shows the cost of impatience and the dangers of going it alone.
Not even my Middle Eastern skin is a match for the Mexican sun. I shouldn’t have gone in solo .. I should have teamed up with protection. The sun cream has Been designed to protect me from the sun.
I should have trusted it.
I shouldn’t have attempted to be so bold. Yes.. there was a change I would have been ok BUT having support is ALWAYS the wisest decision.
It’s the same in business. Going it alone has almost always ended up with me being burned in some way. The sting of getting it wrong, the sting of wasting time and of course the biggest sting .. wasting money.
My biggest lesson that came when I started one of my first business selling wedding dresses.
Can’t be that hard ?! I buy dresses cheap and sell them for more? It’s simple maths.
What the equation doesn’t reveal all the potential issues along the way. Finding good suppliers, dealing with customs, selling them to the right people … the list goes on …
And this is true for any business. Just as the sun cream is ready and prepped to take the sun on , having a coach who knows what to do when it comes to setting up a successful online business is a huge advantage, because starting a business can feel a little like jumping on hot coals and it’s always better to have someone to support you.
Holy shit.. who knew me burning could make for such an amazing piece of advice that I truly believe in.
The other day I wrapped up 3 months coaching with one of my amazing clients.
She’s one of those people who just make my job so easy. She’s amazing and an incredible implementer and on our last call she told me it was the best decision to work with me. My heart filled and I very almost cried ..she needed support and I gave it to her and now her business (in a short time) looks very different and I know in my heart it will only continue to grow.
I’m so excited to see what she will do. And she would be the first to tell you that going it alone ended up costing her a lot of money (in Facebook ads) because things weren’t working right. #sting #bizburn
Soo moral of the story .. want the support to build and scale your business minus the shade of rouge? Then invest in god damn support and be patient. The tan will come. The success will come. And it’s much sweeter if you aren’t burned to fuck along the way 🤣🤣🤣
Love Noor xox
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