I got off a call this morning with one of my wonderful clients and it occurred to me that it is utterly OUTRAGEOUS that I ever worked one day in my life for someone else and did something that drained my soul on every fucking level….

I remember working at Debenhams at the makeup counter for clients. It was palatable when a real-life person came in and I could pretend I knew what the f*ck I was talking about but the other 90% of the time, my mind was numb…


Wishing my very precious life away..



Talking bullshit to strangers I’d never see again.
is this really what my life was about?

It all felt so one dimensional.

The need to be somewhere a certain time because you would lose your job was suffocating. lunch brakes when you got told to eat. reminded me of some sort of military-run camp.

Having a mere 20 days a year for holidays… legit..outrageous.
It was all so REGIMENTEd and made me feel small, disjointed, not real, shrunken.

And I got paid peanuts.

When I get off calls with my clients, just like this morning and I am on fire and feel alive, I cannot quite believe I get paid for this.
I cannot quite believe that my job makes me feel so happy.
We mapped out business strategies and talked mindset and couldn’t be more excited for the ideas and downloads that came through as we built her new funnel for calling in her amazing unicorn clients.


And I really do have the most amazing clients.

I realized that if I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone or go for dinner with them then they wouldn’t be my ideal client and I have no care for them to be my client.

It’s so lovely to feel like you have calls with your friend and you get to help them. even though they are actually investing in working with you.

Considering I spent so much of my working life working with people who could utter dickheads, it’s such a liberation to never be forced to spend time each day with people that I have no time for or treat people with no respect.
It just really reminded me how crazy it was that for SO many years, I did jobs that didn’t light me up.

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be the boss 😉 the leader. Where I was in year 3, I would recruit people to take part in my ‘shows’

I would give them parts and then we would practice the show and then the teachers let us perform them to the younger kids… I loved the feeling that I was bringing everyone together and performing for them..

I can’t remember why that feeling stopped or where it went after that..BUT I know that decades later, in some roundabout way, I now get to do that again.

That is why tapping into what you loved as a child can give you great clues as to what your purpose work is as an adult. or at least where your genius and natural inclinations are..

anyways.. the point is, it’s OUTRAGEOUS that you believe you cannot choose to do whatever you wish what your soul want.. it is in fact your duty to listen to EXACTLY that.

I bought into the idea that I would need to work my booty off to make £50k a year and would need to go to uni for thousands of years to get enough qualifications to make me super fancy and work in a job in the city to pay me lots.

I thought I would need to become a doctor or a lawyer or something else equally as important…

The truth is, I don’t know many doctors or lawyers who get paid what I do. I am sure they exist but it certainly isn’t the norm..

Multiple five figures went into my bank in December. I’m not saying this to be a total dickhead or make you feel shit. I am telling you it became this is quite normal for me and once you believe it to be possible, then it can absolutely be your new normal too.

I feel a little weird even saying this. worried about who may read this and may judge me. But I feel it’s so important to show you that this can be possible for you.

and YET…probably like me..

you got told your whole life to go ‘get a good JOB”..

Which would have involved me putting on a mask and being someone else and FITTING within the confines and the rules and uniforms and the BULLSHIT…

the things that I simply couldn’t grasp.

That would have been the sacrifice?

I can sit at home, in my office, wearing what I like and doing everything on my terms.
no rules.
no uniform.
no having to be anybody BUT ME.

and getting paid handsomely for it..
BECAUSE I GIVE MY VALUE IN RETURN FOR MONEY —> which is just a flow of energy… currency… that is all!

In order to make more money, you become more valuable..
But I didn’t arrive here overnight.
I made a relentless commitment to my deep inner mindset work to untangle the bullshit stories and years of conditioning bestowed upon me from my loving parents, society schooling… Invested thousands upon thousands into coaching and mentoring so that the £20k months in my business were ‘normal’.

It didn’t JUST happen. there has so much COMMITMENT to my growth and to my life.

I made it NON-NEGOTIABLE that I would make a bigger impact and create the abundance in my life to allow me to do things like put my kids into private school and to travel when I desire

I need to tell you one more time… It’s OUTRAGEOUS any of us should go through life ever feeling we should have to struggle, because whoever created us did not set us up to fail.

We can create what we want if we put our minds and hearts into it.
It’s your time to stop buying into the bullshit. I dare you to go against the grain.

I implore you to refuse to believe what the masses tell you and open your eyes to the whole new potential of the world in front of you.
it’s time to stop playing small and live your extraordinary life #JFDI

Much love,
Noo x
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