Yesssssss….it’s happening,. its here.

I haven’t done this ever as a live program but now is time to really fucking change your money mindset and start attracting the money you truly desire!!


Over the last week, I’ve hosted some free masterclasses that give you an idea of what needs to be done if you aren’t making the money you want or in your life. 

And that is exactly why I created this powerful program Mrs Money Masterclass.. a chance for you to fail in love with money and create the wealth you desire FROM THE INSIDE OUT. 

The reality is, money is an inside game and although there is outer part invoked in creating the watch you desire it all starts from you changing how you think about money and what you believe about wealth. 

 I don’t care if you think this is some woo-woo bollocks, this stuff works and if you are not where you want to be financially then I sincerely suggest you listen up you beautiful soul.

You must think and believe certain things about making money if you truly want to unleash the magic of manifesting the moolah into your life 

I know this to be true in my own life and used everything I teach inside this program to help me nicest content five figure month in my business. 


I came across Noor in December and took part in her free challenge.Her energy and passion are amazing and that alone lifts me up, but she is a truly beautiful soul who encourages you to become all you can be. I am really starting to do the inner work on changing my beliefs and mindset around money and what is possible. I am so pleased to have this amazing opportunity to work with her through the Manifest like a MOFO Academy xxx 

Maz Davis

In this powerful program, you will learn 

  1. What money really is? Most people don’t really understand the fundamentals concepts of money which are imperative to



  2. What your current money story is and why it is holding you back from earning what you want? You will uncover what beliefs you have, where they have come from 

  3. How to rewire and reprogram your brain to become a money magnet!! You will learn how to use Emotional Freedom Technique to tap out your old beliefs and put new ones right in.

  4. How to take the action toward your money goals and to overcome fear!

  5. How to fall in love with facing your finances fearlessly!! 

+ lots more

This program is powerful and I should charge ten times more then I am about to because it really is a game changer.

BUT INSTEAD… TO CELEBRATE MY 33RD BIRTHDAY LAST WEEK, I’m going to give it to you and all you gotta do is join the manifest like a mofo academy .. which is £297 for the whole bloody year or £26 a month. 


YOU get to experience the whole of this amazing life changing program by joining me for a whole year where you also get monthly masterclasses, meditations, free printables and downloads and o much bloody more!!

this wil be your hub for you to pop in and gte what you need to boost your mindset and help you stop playing small and transfrom your life.


I’ve never done this course live before and I’d love some amazing tesytimonials for whe i relaunch this as live group program again this year so you guys are my money manifesting guinea pigs!!! 

and one thing is for SURE.. this course will be at least £997 when I relaunch it so this is really a unique chance to get to do this course and also work with me for a whole bloody year on becoming an incredible manifester. 

I want you in my world.

I want you to come on the journey with me.

I want you to have the successes that these women have been sharing


The first 10 people to join will also get  a free ticket to my live event in Sheffield 


make a commitment to your mindset and your life. 

I just wanted to write a note to say thank you so much for the amazing work you do! I have been manifesting since 2008 and have never found anyone who breaks it down as clearly and enthusiastically as you do.


Noor is amazing. Her personality is motivating and infectious. Everyone needs a Noor in their life. I’m so glad I came across her “by fluke” (really I know the Universe was conspiring for us) and since investing in her practical step by step courses I have have no only manifested the money back (and then some) but I have changed my relationships, my behaviour and my life. 

Like A lot of people I have had a very difficult few years, coping with bereavement and ill health and my whole life viewpoint changed. I had ‘lost my mojo’. I knew I needed help to get back on track and had a hundred ideas milling round my head, not able to work out which way to turn. That’s when Noor popped up in my feed on Facebook. Initially I thought she wasn’t for me. I was 50, not a mother and not an entrepreneur. I didn’t think we were a right fit, but hey, it was a free course so I had nothing to lose but a bit of time I was busy wasting anyway! I was wrong – Noor Hibbert has been a joy to discover. She is so down to earth, matter of fact and honest that you know that she’s telling you what you need to hear and need to do to make your life better. I have real hope for the future again. Yes, I’ve got a lot of work to do, but shedding the weight of the past and becoming the person I want to be is exciting and I’m so happy Noor is there to guide me! 


When I first stumbled across Noor I was prepared to be underwhelmed. I’ve bought into so many coaches’ big promises only to be let down that my first thought was – here we go again. Another coach peddling the same lame advice. 
But it thrills me to say that I was dead wrong. Noor is the real deal. She has so much knowledge and insight to share and you can really tell that she truly cares about the people she works with. On top of that she’s hilarious and drops f-bombs like a pro. 
I’ve done her free manifesting challenge, I’m a proud founding member of MLAM academy, and I’ll happily sign up for anything she offers because Noor is the TRUTH. 

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