It’s time to take that amazing business idea that has been bubbling inside you, and make it a reality inside the JFDI Business Academy.

Inside this incredible monthly membership, you will get the step-by-step business strategy to go from ground zero in your online business, to your first client, and beyond.

There is no other business building opportunity out there, like this right now, and is YOUR chance to finally build a life on your OWN terms.

A monthly membership for women who want an extraordinary life and are ready to just f*cking make it happen.

This is for anyone who wants support to build their business from GROUND zero.

If you are looking for low cost way to start creating thr income and impact you desire, then keep on reading.

Who has this been created for?

This membership is go go getting, high vibe, I’m ready to f*cking do it type of women. Women who are ready to make 2020 the best year , and are determined to build a business they love, and want the mentorship to do it.

Please note, this is the FOUNDING members launch  (which means the investment is CRAZY LOW), and whilst it will be evolving into something that caters for product based businesses, right NOW is only suitable for women who are looking to set up an ONLINE SERVICE BUSINESS. 

The Business Academy is perfect for COACHES, CONSULTANTS, HEALERS, ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINERS/YOGA INSTRUCTORS, VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS, GRAPHIC OR WEBSITE DESIGNERS to name but a few. If you can create a business that serves or teaches something, then the Academy is perfect for you!


What is the JFDI ACADEMY and why did I create it?

IWell, as a highly qualified business coach who has consistently made six figures in my business every year, I love mentoring women to build their own freedom.

I’ve taught hundreds of women how to go from business idea to making it a reality as well as supporting hundreds of women to scale their businesses to six figures and beyond.

The truth is, when I started to build my businessesI was all alone.. and was figuring out all the pieces myself. .But when I invested in a mentor, that all changed as I got a PATH to SUCCESS,.

And that is what i teach you inside the Business Academy.]

I know that when you are starting out, paying thousands for a course is just not feasible and so i decided to make my business knowledge accessible at a much lower cost..and voila, the business Academy was born, a monthly membership for women who are ready to create profit from doing something love on their own fucking terms.

The BUSINESS ACADEMY IS the a membership that takes you step-by-step from ground zero to business hero.Unlike other memberships where you get given tons of info and no step by step formula, I teach you how to go from A- B in a linear fashion.

Finally a low cost, no commitment way to come and build your business with someone thats been there, done it and made all the mistakes first.


How will it work?

There is 4 months of linear  content and is structured step by step. 

You will also have the opportunity to get highly discounted access to business bolt on trainings to support your business in various areas.

And I may drop new trainings in depending on what happens during the founders members launch! You are getting it at a heavily discounted price so that I can get your feedback throughout and tweak as we go along.

Monthly Curriculum (just an overview)

Month One

  • Welcome
  • Business Foundations+ Set Up
  • The Blueprint
  • Girlboss Mindset
  • Unicorn Client
  • Market Research

Month Two

  • Branding Like A Boss
  • Nailing Your Offering/Pricing 
  • Website Building
  • Social Media Presence

Month Three

  • Building Your Tribe (list bullding) 101
  • Creating  A Lead Magnet To grow your audience
  • Sales Funnels 101

Month Four

  • Curating Content
  • Copy That converts
  • Facebook Lives 
  • Client Onboarding
  • Hiring A Team 
  • Setting Up For Sales Calls
  • Payment gateways
  • Legalities 

What’s Included

What Do You Get Inside The Business Academy

Monthly Business Strategy

We start at A and we go to Z.  Each month you will be given bitesize yet in-depth training  (by me), on what you need to do to go from idea to implementation.  I teach you all the pillars of growing a successful online service business. You will be delivered the core content over the first 4 months and then bonus training will be released after that!

Monthly Coaching With Noor

Once a month, Noor will dive deep on a subject and answer the most frequently asked questions.

The JFDI Academy

Mindset and manifesting are 80% of business success., so you get full access to everything inside the JFDI Academy.

VIP Access To Bonus Trainings

I partner with incredible people to get you huge discounts off extra training to support your business growth.

What’s the Investment?

To become part of the founding members launch of the brand spanking new JFDI Business Academy is only £120 PER MONTH.

Yes, for all the incredible content, support, coaching and access to a vault of incredibleness to get you building that dream business. If you implement what I teach, you have the potential to 10x that investment.

And there is no contract or commitment, you can cancel at any time (although you would stupid to as your  future and dream business is calling you!!!)

Make 2020 your BEST year ever and let’s get building your business today!


I’m so excited for everyone that   wants to train to become a coach as one of the biggest bonuses of joining the JFDI ACADEMY is my partnership with The TRANSFORMATION  ACADEMY who provide a range of accredited coaching courses in a variety of niches. AS a member of the JFDI Academy, you will get access to an incredible 50% OFF these courses as a member of my programs.

Bonus #1:

Get a complimentary ticket to a live workshop-  next one is manchester , uk,  21/03/20

Choosing to work with Noor really has to easily be one of the best decisions I have made to date since choosing to make the leap into my own business and I would urge any woman who is on the fence about working with her to be brave and just invest in yourself. Noor has an incredible gift at unlocking potential in women. She talks absolute sense and makes you really dig deep within yourself to work out what matters. Before I met her I thought that I was doing okay plodding along in my business but now I know that I should be aiming for the stars. ALWAYS DREAM BIG! I’d like to thank Noor so much for everything she has done to help me over the last few months and for her ongoing support on a weekly basis. The time we had each week really did help me focus my mind on what matters. Without a doubt I will be working with her again in the future. The woman is like a fairy godmother for mumpreneurs!

Noor summed up in a few words – amazing, fabulous, energetic, crazy (in the best way) and all round awesome!! When I decided I wanted to become a coach and change careers, I knew I needed someone to help with the start up. I needed someone who could help with the step by step process and more importantly I wanted to learn from someone who had done what I was aiming to do… build a successful online coaching business! I was led to Noor through the Facebook world and signed up to The Game Changer program almost immediately. Noor not only knows her stuff when it comes to launching an online business but is always there to help me with the mindset to go after my dreams. She is the manifesting queen and I love her energy and generous nature. I can tell she loves what she does and truly cares about her clients and our success!! Highly recommend her as a business coach, manifesting guru or if you need someone to help you achieve your dream life. I’m so incredibly thankful that I decided to work with Noor. BEST. DECISION. EVER.
Natasha Brooker

Life Coach

What’s the Investment?

Ready to Just Fucking Do It?


And I’m rewarding everyone that JOINS with a BONUS PACK including TEMPLATES for your stellar website pages, high converting landing pages and sales pages, as well as a proven sales script for hosting discovery calls.

Each button goes to a popup. On the popup, if you want to go Annual, select the Annual tab.

If you for some reason have any issues with inputting your data or inputting your card details or get an error message, please email us at


Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes, but we hope you won’t! You can cancel at any time from inside your membership portal (there is a video inside on how to do this) Please note, that we remove you from the Facebook community on the day of cancellation, but you have access to all material till the end of your month. 

When is the Monthly Coaching with Noor?

The coaching live will vary month-to-month, but fear not. All lives are available on replay in case you miss one. 


It depends on your bank conversion and the month but you can get a rough estimate

Can you guarantee my success if I invest?

Truthbomb time.. the only person that can guarantee your success is YOU. That is why you get access to all the incredible mindset tools inside the JFDI academy as part of the business academy. I promise to deliver the content needed for you to reach success, you gotta promise to implement. Deal?

Can I get pesonal coaching support from Noor on my business inside the business Academy?

This is not one on one coaching or a group coaching programme, and is one of the most cost effective ways to build your business and be taught by Noor. However, this does not include coaching by Noor personally on your individual businesses. You can get support from one of Noor’s Dream Team coaches inside the Facebook group who are on hand to support you,  and if you wish to get one on one support form Noor, then VIP upgrades will be available at a later date! 


You can post questions prior to the call and Noor will answer on the live. All lives are available to listen back to also. What I find, is that most people have the same questions and even you will gain so much from listening to others.

Can you guarantee my success if i invest?

Truthbomb time.. the only person that can guarantee your success is YOU. That is why you get access to all the incredible mindset tools inside the JFDI academy as part of the business academy. I promise to deliver the content needed for you to reach success, you gotta promise to implement. Deal?

I have no clue what my business idea is, will you help me inside the Academy?

The Academy is not right for you at this time because we take the idea you have and we roll with it. Take some time out to brainstorm what you would love to do and then come back to us!!

You would be bonkers to not join with this price and the incredible value that you get, all aimed at helping you create the life better than your dream business.

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