Everyone can change their life and attract more health, wealth, love and joy in their lives using the Law Of Attraction. However, you need to master the five steps first so that they become a new habit and we’re here to help you to actually do that.



This is for anyone who wants to master their manifesting, reset their mindset, and have coaching and support from me at the cost of a few coffees a month… Say Whaaaaat?!

If you are looking for a low-cost way to being coached and master your manifesting, then this is the place for you my darling.

TRANSFORMATIONAL CONTENT,  POWERFUL COACHING AND AN EPIC COMMUNITY  TO HELP YOU TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. hosted by bestselling author and international coach, noor hibbert.


you don’t need to figure out how to attract the wealth, health, love and happiness you desire alone.


imagine if...

Month on month you are working on various areas of your life, smashing through goals, manifesting the shit out of abundance, and having the community and coaching to support you through that.

How it Works

Full unadulterated access to a member’s hub full of incredible mind-blowing content that will transform you from the inside out. From the moment you become a member you have full access to everything so you can consume as much or as little as you want. You will be given a roadmap to help you work through the content so you don’t get overwhelmed!

a unique opportunity

To get high-level coaching at an incredibly low cost by a highly qualified coach and manifesting queen. With a no contract or commitment option – there is no excuse for you not to change your life.


If you’re looking to manifest what you truly desire with consistency and predictability – then enrolling into our course will be the best decision you can make for your life today.



use my 5- step manifesting method to consistently manifest across all areas of your life


step one

Get clear on the epic vision for your life. Unapologetically ask for what you truly desire

step two

Understand the beliefs you hold around this desire at a subconscious level

step three

Reprogram your mind for success at a subconscious level – Upgrade your paradigm.

step four

Tune into Universe FM on a daily basis – Become a conscious Soul led being.


step five

Heart hustle in the 3D world- take the action required to meet the Universe halfway.

What You Can Expect From THE JFDI ACADEMY

instant access to a members hub of life-chaNging lessons and masterclasses to turn you into a manifesting machine (value £997)

I don’t do drip-fed. I  want you to binge-watch if you like!! It’s like your spiritual gym. go in, and workout as much or as little as you like! We provide a plan of action so you know where to start!

See list of all masterclasses here:
Here is a list of some of the masterclasses you can enjoy when you join!

More are added too!

-The 7 Laws Of Success

-Goal digging Masterclass

-The Clarity Cure- Get Clear On your vision

-Finding Your Purpose

-Say Boo To The Bs Masterclass

-Smash Your Limiting Beliefs Masterclass

-Fuck The Haters Masterclass

-Subconscious Beliefs Masterclass

-Choosing Your Badass Self

-Tapping Into Wealth – EFT tutorial

-Ego Vs Soul

-Owning Your Queen Power

-How To Stay High Vibe Masterclass

-Intuition Masterclass

-Get Shit Done Masterclass

-Breaking Bad Habits Masterclass

-Build Your Business Workshop

-Journalling For Manifesting

-Smudging Masterclass

-Crystal For Manifesting Masterclass

-Chakras And Manifesting Masterclass

-Overcome Emotional Eating Masterclass

-Breathwork  Sessions

Coming In November and December 

– Forgivness For Manifesting Masterclass

-Reflection On 2020 Masterclass







Instant access to a collection of powerful meditations and hypnoses (value £297)

I am here to help you reprogram your mind for success. You will also receive a NEW MONTHLY HYPNOSIS OR MEDITATION so the collection will keep growing!

See list of all hypnosis and meditations:

Heart Activation

Future Self

Morning Manifestation

Monday Morning Audio

Clear Limiting beliefs

Manifesting Money

Super Self-Love

Cutting Cords

Hypnoses for:


Deep sleep

Weight control

Fuck the Haters – stop caring what people think!

Freedom From Depression

Positivity in a Pandemic

Tap Into Intuition

Break a Bad Habit/Plant A New


Stop Smoking





TWICE a month, there will be a live coffee and coaching session with Noor. This will be your chance to ask me questions and get personal coaching on your individual issues!


Kick-off each month with a goal planning session and manifestation activation, designed to help you set some incredible goals and focus. We will focus on a holistic approach to goal setting covering all areas of your life. Each month, will get your own  JFDI goal sheet where you can set your goals up in this session.


Stay high vibe AF on the go, with this member-only manifesting playlist designed to keep you tuned into Universe FM. 

manifesting reading list and resources

Noor shares her ultimate list of books and resources for keeping her tuned into the Universe!

accountabilty board

Join the members-only Trello Accountability Board where you can keep yourself accountable and our Dream Team coaches will be keeping an eye out and supporting you!

incredible  private Facebook community with dream team coaches

Get access to the private Facebook community with all the other members and access to my Dream Team coaches who are on hand to support you with any burning questions!

MONTHLY  success kit

Each month you will also receive a success kit to support your practices which may include an inspirational book suggestion to add to the growing library inside the hub already,, new journal prompts and an inspirational screensaver /wallpaper.

guest expert sessions

Enjoy live energy healing, full moon ceremonies, breathwork, and much more.  You get to experience guest experts who want to help you manifest like a mofo!\

Coming up in November/December:

-Full Moon Ceremony With energy Healer

-Breathwork Session For Moving forward Into 2021

printables and downloads

Access to a plethora of journaling prompts, screensavers (to keep you inspired) manifesting hacks, and anything else that Noor thinks will support you on this journey!

Private members-only podcast

Listen to  the JFDI content on the go through the private podcast we have for members only. This means you have no excuse to to catch on the go via the phone app.

But first, I must warn you…

Manifesting any desire requires you to shift from old habits and thinking patterns. 

This takes a commitment from you and letting go of trying to figure it all out from youTube videos and reading books.

The new way is to actually apply everything you learn in a step-by-step way and to get support and guidance along the way. That is why I am so excited that you are interested in the JFDI Academy.


Have an exact process for manifesting more wealth, health and love

consciously design a life better than your dreams and have the confidence to take the action

Repair old wounds so that you can truly allow all that you desire to flow to you with ease.

experience Mindblowing Mindset shifts

to have a deeper connection with yourself which leads to greater happiness and fulfilment

Reprogram your mind so you can be in total alignment for manifesting the big stuff

Let go of old stories that have been keeping you small

Step into the energetic match of your future self to call in all that you want to manifest

all of this whilst having sh*tloads of fun along the way…

Manifest things like money, weight loss, soul mates faster than ever before



It’s my aspiration to help you change your mother bleeping life from the inside out and up-level yourself from the soul outwards.

If you are committed to ramping up your manifesting game then you need to be in here!

It’s the space to come get spiritual and mental nourishment!!

If this is speaking to your soul then I’m sure you will be blown away by the price..

This is the essential membership for anyone who is ready to wake up and remember how powerful they are!!!

what do the jfdi members have to say?

I look forward to helping you manifest what you truly desire and transforming your life.

enrolment to the jfdi academy is currently closed

click the pink button below  and put your name on the waiting list

If you have any issues with payment (these things happen!) please email my team immediately at support@jfdiacademy.com and we will send you a different link to pay with!

bonuses for joining the jfdi academy! 



six month commitment bonus

Get ‘You Can Be Rich- 30 Days To Your Most Abundant Year’ for FREE. (Value £97).

Annual commitment bonus

Pay upfront for a year and get You Can Be Rich and SAVE money!


There are a lot of other options out there - What makes the JFDI Academy different?
First, the JFDI Academy is NOT “another course” or even “another membership group.” It’s so much more.  This is a linear approach to learning each of the steps so you BECOME a master manifestor. You’re never left alone to figure it – support is always there. Focus. Accountability. Guidance. Support. And a whole bunch of laughter to go along with it.
what is the cancellation policy?
You can cancel the ALL IN or ROLLING WITH THE HOMIES PLAN at any time and cancellation must be done inside of the members portal. An email requesting cancellation will not be taken as a cancellation as it must be processed by you inside the member’s hub. You will be liable for any payments due if you do not formally cancel your account in the member’s area.


Please note, that your access to the private Facebook community will be removed from the DAY OF CANCELLATION.

If you are committed to 6 Months, please note that you are legally bound to the terms of service and required to make all 6 payments in full. After the 6 month period, you will transfer to a rolling contract and it is your responsibility to cancel your account within the member’s area.

If you cancel within the 6 months commitment period, we reserve the right to collect the remaining balance as per the terms of service.

Early cancellation still means you must pay the outstanding amount.

what does it cost in other currenices as i'm not from the united kingdom?
It depends on your bank conversion and the month but you can get a rough estimate https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/
how much time should i set aside a month to complete the jfdi academy material?
The purpose of the academy is not to be overwhelming. You can dip in at any point to get what you need.

It’s like the gym for your soul. The more you put in, the more you get out of it!

Your soul and mind deserves at least a few hours a month of personal care!

can you guarantee my success if i join?
Truthbomb time. The only person that can guarantee your success is YOU. That is why you get access to all the incredible mindset tools inside the JFDI Academy. I promise to deliver the content needed for you to reach success, you gotta promise to implement. Deal?
what if i cannot make the live calls?

You can post questions prior to the call and Noor will answer on the live. All lives are available to listen back to also. What I find, is that most people have the same questions and even you will gain so much from listening to others.

what are the terms and conditions of the free gifts?
We endeavour to send out all bonus gifts within 14 days on the proviso you have provided your address when asked. You will be emailed your virtual live event ticket within 14 days. You will receive immediate access to any bonus courses and they will show up in your dashboard.
will i get one on one coaching from noor?
This is not one on one coaching, nor a group coaching program, and is one of the most cost-effective ways to get taught by Noor. Noor will answer questions on the live Coffee And Coaching calls and this is a great chance to get personalized support. You can also get support from one of Noor’s Dream Team coaches inside the Facebook group who are on hand to support you.
What if it's not everything you say... Can I get a refund?
We stand behind our promises. That means, once you join us you have 7 days to claim a refund if you feel like the JFDI Academy isn’t for you or has offered you no value.

still not sure? check out some more client love

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