I am sat overlooking the skyscrapers at the view from my ceiling to floor glass windows in my LA crib, feeling uber grateful for all that has happened over the last 4 weeks. 

In September 2015, I came to LA for the first time and fell in love. As a girl that dreamt of being in film or acting, Hollywood had always had a place in my heart and every time I come here, I feel as though I have been here before. perhaps I am Marilyn Monroe reincarnated ūüôā¬†

When I first stepped foot in LA, I felt an energy that didn;t back at home. people are so genuinely fr4indsly, have a positive outlook, are way more health conscious and there is an air of possibility. I made a promise to myself in 2015, that we would come back and spend the summer holidays in California.  And here I am just under 2 years later doing exactly that. That is the beauty of intention- the Universe will always do its best to make them come to reality. 

So the last few weeks have been magical and emotional for a variety of reasons. I have grown myself and my business and my team and my client base and I have also had to let go of things that weren’t;t serving me. I have felt so peaceful and calm and the time spent with my kids making memories has been special to my heart.¬†

So what have I been doing in the last month besides lazing by the pool and having full on days at Disneyland?

I launched The Mamazon Masterclass LIVE group program. This was my first six figure launch and first six figure month in revenue (in GBP) Making the leap from a group of 14 to a group¬†of 58 meant up-leveling my membership site, growing my team, dealing with A LOT more backstage issues and questions, handling technical glitches and a LOT more mental prep and manifestation. One of my biggest WHYS for this was I have dreamt about treating my little brother to a dream trip. After being diagnosed with leukemia, he had a grueling 7 months of chemo and his life dramatically changed. He is in full remission now but the effects of that time have taken a mental toll on him and stole some precious time away from his childhood. I wanted to give him some amazing memories back and cannot 3it to surprise him hopefully in the near future. I also want to know that I can always have money that anything were to happen I could be there to support him to get the best care. This has always been a huge driver for me. Knowing your WHY and keeping that close to your heart¬†will help you manifest even the biggest things. Of course my other why is I want to help as many women create extra income in their life so they can enjoy all the abundance that life offers. I believe it is my duty to share. Jim Rohn sais; You can anything you want if you help others get whatever they want” I live by that.¬†

I have been writing my book too. that has been so fun and my inner guide has been reminding me of so many amazing stories and experiences that I had forgotten about. 

I have been c creating a new Mindset & Manifesting course

I have been planning my live event in LONDON РI am SO excited for this as love meeting new people. It will be on October 21st and I will be letting everyone know about early bird tickets in the next few days if you want to come for a day of fun and transformation,  

Rich and I have been doing a lot more retail arbitrage and ordering products as well as launching some new private label products

I have been working with my rock star clients and the results that have been coming in have been blowing my mind,  

I have also had some difficult conversations and have decided to let go of some people in my life, 

I have also met and connected with some new awesome women and looking forward to what that will bring.

I have spent some quality time with one of my besties who came to stay

I have stopped eating meat and dairy.

Planned my anniversary party and getting all my friends and family in one place again to celebrate an epic year .

Planned out my whole new group program launch with my amazing biz bestie Rachel.
( so excited about this!)
Wow- when I list it out, there is A LOT of amazingness in 4 weeks. 

Oh, and my big girl can now swim all by her self and honestly that feeling of pride surpasses any amount of money made. The pure joy you get from watching how happy they are is my life force..

Momentum is key, taking action is key, having support is key. I have learned that in the right environment, so much more can be achieved. Clearing your mental space with things that drain your energy is imperative. Prioritizing what can move your business forward is IMPERATIVE. Being in love with your business and your life and being willing to change what is NOT working is imperative. Having amazing support is IMPERATIVE. Being able to launch even when the going feels tough and the whole of your tech back end falls to pieces, is imperative. Even when you are cloe to tears!!

The moral is.. put service at the front of everything you do, know your WHY’s and take ACTION.

Love Noor xox 

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