When it comes to the topic of money, things can get pretty damn controversial. Growing up I had no idea what my parents earned and even in adult hood I don’t have a clue what some of my friends even earn. Talking about money is taboo and considered distasteful and kinda gross.

The thing is, the lack of conversation around money, especially in women, is causing a hell of women to be suffering from a recurring syndrome of more month than money. Up until four years ago, my goal annual income was £50,000. I truly believed that would b a stretch but achievable if I worked hard enough and by the time I was in my 40’s I could achieve this. I thought that since I didn’t have a profession such as a doctor or a lawyer that I would struggle to make anything more than that and since I felt like that was a great amount of money to earn, I was okay with that.

The reality is, with two kids, a mortgage and my addiction to travel, £50k wouldn’t have cut it unless I was willing to give up my 5 holidays a year. Let’s face it, that amount wasn’t going to cut it. But I didn’t know better because no one talked about money and when I saw claims of people earning lots of money, I either thought they were lucky to be born into it, running a scam or a drug dealer. I remember as a child walking around the houses of my wealthy school friends in awe and wondering what they did to earn it.

I didn’t think average people could earn extraordinary amounts of money because well no one ever talked about. Well, I want to open up the conversation to becoming more common. I remember meeting a woman at a birthday party my daughter had been invited too. Within 5 minutes she had told me her business had turned over 1.8 million. I was so excited to hear and found it super interesting. When I shared this story with a friend, her response was, “I hate people that don’t keep things real”. She was insinuating that sharing her monetary successes somehow made her not grounded or down to earth. I wholeheartedly disagree.

Look, there is nothing attractive about sharing your success if you do it with an intention of making someone else feel shitty about their life, but there is something kinda magical when normal every day people share extraordinary stories because it shows me what is possible. When I hear someone had launched a predicts line and achieved almost 2 million in sales in 18 months, I think holy shit, this is awesome. These are MY kind of women.

Back in the day, I would have found a way to make that person wrong, to undermine her success to make myself feel better about the lack of mine. Our ego will do that. But what is important in sisterhood is that we lift each other up and say congratulations and LEARN from each other. There is UNLIMITED money in the world! In actual fact, money doesn’t exist. it is merely a representation of the value we put out to the world. if you aren’t happy with your back account, then you need to revaluate the value you are putting out to the world. How can you make yourself MORE valuable? What can you offer others that is of service? What problem can you fix?

I love talking about money now. I love talking about it so it loves coming to me. If you didn’t give your husband attention, he wouldn’t give it back to you and your relationship will dwindle. If you are scared of looking at your bank account, that energy isn’t saying ‘GIVE ME MORE MONEY’, it is saying I am scared and it repels it. When you talk about money as though it is an entity that dictates your life, expect it to dictate your life.

We live in a society where talking about money is unseemly and this needs to change. If we know what is possible then we can start understanding how to make money. Working on my money mindset has single-handedly been one of the most pivotal pieces in me going from earning £30k a year to earning six figures.

If you want to start changing your money mindset, I highly recommend reading some books. Here are a few to start with:

  1. Get Rich Lucky Bitch
  2. Think and Grow Rich
  3. The Science Of Getting Rich

Much love,

Noor xox

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