Just laying in bed and read little miss nonsense to my 4-year-old. I was laughing as they all live in nonsense land and it made me think how real life can be a little bit like nonsense land!!!

Growing up I heard a LOT of nonsense.

Like the fact that we should settle for being comfortable in life.

That we should get a “steady and stable “ job

That rich people are greedy

Those humans should drink milk from a cow. (I dare you to go find s cow and drink from its udders now – you wouldn’t!!)

And so much more.

We get brainwashed to believe so much nonsense.

Nonsense literally means NO sense.

How could it possibly make sense that in life we are expected to work 5/7 days a week? WTAF.

How does it make any sense that one human should have to REQUEST to have a mere 30 days off work a year ?!

How is it that one person feels that they could earn £20k a year and another would be happy with £20k a month?

How does it make sense to drink milk from an animal packed with so many hormones to make a baby cow grow into a big cow ?! 🤣🤣 (and we wonder why more women than ever are struggling to conceive)

It’s because we are incessantly fed NON-SENSE.

It took me a while to wake up and smell the BS.

It took me 30 years to finally respect my mind, body and soul. To realise my own potential and path.

I was sharing how I transitioned to being a vegan (something that I never in a MILLION years thought I’d be) till I woke up and questioned everything I believed.

I did the same with understanding manifesting.

And building my business.

It took me a while to recognise I was a robot and a Slave to all the beliefs of past generations..and dare I say it..media.

You need to wake up and smell the goddamn nonsense all around you if you truly want to change your life.

QUESTION everything.

That’s what I did.

All the things I thought – I turned them on there head.

It felt weird and uncomfortable. Our brains don’t like change.

It thrives on routine and habit and automation of thoughts it conserves energy that way.

But remember, our brains respond to the pictures in our minds. So we need to create new pictures!

The girl who never ever thought she would make £10k a month created a new picture in her mind of being a successful businesswoman.

The girl who never thought she would be vegan stopped thinking about geek yoghurt being yummy and saw cows being milked to death.. literally.

When we learn to make NEW pictures, our brains respond quickly.

And I’m the happiest+ healthiest I’ve ever been.


And let me caveat, this isn’t some vegan rant- I’m not a hypocrite and only been this way for 2 years, BUT my mindset changed so much around money and food during the same time.. and I think it’s good for you to see that we can change our mindset on anything ❤️ I believe we are all on our own journey and I judge no one Xox

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