Firstly I want to congratulate you for being part of the challenge, it takes a really special type of person to take part in this stuff and to take the action toward their dreams and you showing up this week, shows how seriously you are about doing the inner work to change your physical reality

It is time for you. time for you to finally learn how to manifest ALL that you desire. It’s time for you to tune into YOU, tap into the magic and become BFFs with the Universe.

I know that you KNOW it’s possible but perhaps you just can’t seem to figure the shit out to make it really really work for you, which leaves you wondering and contemplating, does this all work.. like really?

YES, it bloody does. but with anything, it takes some god damn fucking practice. Once you master the art vibrational mastery, you will manifest like a mofo.

But in order to master the art of vibrational mastery, you must, must, must master your mindset,.

All the stories, all the bullshit, all the limiting beliefs that have held you back from the amazingness that is YOU. You see you already have access to co-create but over the years your path has becomes blocked, obstructed. by heinous crimes of conditioning that has taught you to settle for ordinary, when what the Universe really wants for you, is to step up and be extra-bloody-ordinary.

And so without further ado….The doors are open ladies…

The first time I have ever done anything like this and at a crazy low investment that can literally change your life…..

We have had so much fun in the challenge and I do not want the party to stop.. in fact I think it would be a massive mistake to ever let the manifesting party stop!! 

Your dream life does truly depend on you continuing to take the action..I know that you have the power inside and I know that you want to know how to unlock it but it needs to COMMITMENT.

To fucking commit to the inner work that is required in order to make it happen.

And that is why I’d love to invite you to continue working with me for a whole month of mastering manifesting.

I know one thing about you.. you know you are meant for MORE and for some reason you are not there.

You feel stuck or wondering why you can’t quite manifest with ease. And the reason is you haven’t claimed what you want is you haven’t quite become best mates with the Universe.

You haven’t learned the proven formula. Now is your chance. 

The chance for you to finally say YES to your life, to say Yes to being the best, to have the best and to live your best life!! Time to call in those big figure months, amazing clients, your dream job, your dream body, the relationship you crave.. it is all there ready for you to claim it…

No more settling for what you think is your lot, but to change your mindset and consequently your ability to manifest beyond your wildest fucking dreams.

The truth is manifesting is not for lazy bitches.;-)

It’s for people that truly want to make changes and this immersive, intensive 4-week program is geared to knocking your limiting beliefs on their head, and arm you with tools to really shifting to make some big changes in your life. 

You will get clear on what your soul’s desires really are- not the bullshit desires that you think you should have or ought to be going for. But for what you truly want on a cellular level. This will be the revitalizing moment that you finally become utterly honest with yourself and allow the Universe to really start orchestrating hat which is MEANT FOR YOU. 

Because, if you have a desire in your heart my darling, then IT IS YOURS. But the only way to make it manifest is by doing the inner work so you are in vibrational alignment and attract it and claim it. You will learn all my secrets to visualizing and how to expand into the biggest version of you that can call in all that you desire. 

Once we have navigated through that, it’s time to figure out what’s been stopping you. This is where the deep work comes in. The untangling of stories. the uncovering of childhood situations that have led you to believe at you are anything but POWERFUL.

What if you knew what is currently holding you back and then how to let it go and how to rewire your belief systems to override those belief systems? You will learn what has been stopping you so you can finally tell it to FUCK RIGHT OFF… Its all in the mind baby and I want to help you excavate the shit. 

Because what will happen…

MAGIC, Baby. Freaking MAGIC.

You will learn how to trust your gut and follow the signs towards your OZ. Yes, you have a yellow brick road to follow and you need to go own it with courage and conviction. You will be open to listening to what action you need to take to help you take those thoughts and dream and turn them into the physical reality.

Then we will work on how you can choose which version of yourself you bring to the table every bloody day. The version of you in vibrational alignment with your biggest and best desires. You don’t get what you DO in life, you get what you BE. That is why we are called HUMAN beings!!!!!!!! What does the higher version of you look like and how can we bring that person to the party of life EVERY SINGLE today. 

We will be covering that and SOOOOOOOO much more inside Manifest Like A Mofo.

Having accountability for 4 weeks to do this will literally change your habits and mindset. Having me there in your corner for 4 weeks is something my clients pay THOUSANDS  for…that is not meant to sound twatish, but I help my clients do BIG things. I will be there with almost DAILY tasks for you, live streams, meditations. 

We will DEEP DIVE into each of the 5 steps of manifesting so you KNOW in your soul, how to MANIFEST what you want. Understanding each step and then having the accountability to implement it, will be insanely powerful for you.

So why am I doing this…?

Well, its Christmas for starters so why the heck not. I know you will all be sitting there in a few weeks thinking of your new year resolutions and what better way to start the new year than knowing you will have the mindset support o start with a bang. 

BUT also, one of the spiritual laws of success is ” help others get what they want and you will get what you want”.. so I am here, ready and waiting to help you learn how to get what you want. I want to start my 2019 hearing all your successes, all your breakthroughs, all your ‘holy shit Noor, this has happened to me’ stories. 

That is my Unicorn Crack. 

I want you to join the club of jammy twats. Enrolment is open 😉

A HUGE part of this work that is about the inner game. but perhaps you have done the inner work and still not seeing results. That is because there is some outer game involved. This is where the non-physical and physical join together to make the magic. Learning to trust your inner GPS, that higher self, is an important part of our work together.

We will be doing A LOT o those 4 weeks. This stuff is SOLD FUCKING GOLD.

That you have the ability to creation deliberately change your life no matter what. You are basically superwomen but haven’t yet put on your skin tight sexy body suit so you feel like it. Let’s get that lycra on.

I have been there, crying years ago, weeping sobbing, on the floor. heartbroken wondering why and how I had got here. to sure how I’d ever get out.

I’ve been there when anxiety was destroying my existence and I kept thinking. what is wrong with me?

There was nothing wrong for me. The reason I felt that way was because I was ignoring my soul, my power and ignoring what I was really meant for.

NOT stepping into the light of my own life.

I just chose to believe that it was only the human realm that I lived in but once I started to accept and believe that there is so much fucking more out there that I chose to choose a different path.

I then let myself open up to the world of freaking possibility.

This week you started to make a commitment to change and now it is time to continue that…it’s time to truly DECIDE you want more.

During the 4 weeks on manifest like a mofo, you will see life through a different lens.

You will become so much more consciously aware of who you are at YOUR VERY CORE, who you always were…You will become so aware of how you are thinking, acting, showing up and how you can change this to become the person who can easily attract everything she wants into her life.

Because YOU ARE powerful and playing small is NOT what you were designed to you gorgeous human.

And you may not feel you are worthy and it’s important that we clear this shit and unravel it. that’s what we will do inside this 4 weeks

Whether you long for better health, more wealth or a new man to spice things up 😉 you can have it all.

I have manifested some crazy shit, big huge money goals (like £100k months),  a marriage that fills my soul, the body I never ever thought I could have (especially after 3 children). three incredible children. a home birth. a book deal. new friends…the list goes on. Do I sound like a jammy twat.? YES!!! Can you really be that happy Noor? YES YES YES.  

But it starts with you taking the first step..committing to change your mindset NOW.

Going it alone is not as fun but being surrounded by women who GET IT, WILL CHANGE YOUR ENERGY. as they share their stories, your faith muscle will get stronger.

That’s what this sacred space in Manifest Like A Mofo will be all about. You will have an army of positive energy inside this amazing 4-week program to really help you kickstart this incredible journey of supreme awareness and conscious creation. 

Starting January 11the, we kick off …It is more than just a program to teach you how to manifest. it is a program to help you reconnect to yourself on a soul level. It will be like a spiritual washing machine, getting you to see how you have been conditioned ad how to untangle the web of lies in your head and reprogram you for success.

There will be journalling, meditation, training, and live streams. I’ll be doing live Tapping (EFT) with you to help you reprogram your mind.  It will be like attending the school YOU should have gone to, where we instill the belief inside of you that you need to continue 2019 with full gusto and confidence 

4 weeks of setting yourself for a year of total magical stuff. a year where you can feel super fulfilled on a cellular level and know you are moving closer to your dream life.


Say yes to starting the new year with a knowing that you are making the best commitment to changing your mindset and your ability to manifest your dream life.

it all comes down to energy, your thoughts, and beliefs.

Having accountability in this is crucial and you will this inside the private group.

Knowing that you have invested in doing this will make you show up and be committed. 

And the investment is crazy. like stupidly low for the transformation that you can get if you show up an do the fucking work. because of that’s your job. I am here to teach you, but you must do the inner work to let go and reprogram and stay disciplined..and holy shit when you do, things will happen!!!!!!

..And because I have such a huge desire to serve as, many of you as possible, it’s going to be a crazy low price for a month of coaching with me …. and this is the early bird price for the fastest action takers and it will be going up….. so  if you loved the challenge and want more more more.. then get on board and act now 😉








You would be absolutely freaking crazy to not join. 

I will most probably never ever do anything like this again LIVE at THIS low cost ..and this may be the only time I run this program in 2019, so please do not wait for ‘next time’ as there may well never be one. 

If your heart is calling you to do this and you have enjoyed working with me this week, then do yourself the best favour and come join me.

Love Noor x

P.S Just Fucking Do it-  it’s time to stop playing small and live an extraordinary life (coincidentally – the title of my book)






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