As I sit here in Marrakech be recount my BBC radio Leeds interview the other day – I got to thinking about a question he asked me…

“How do you do it all? You have a book, a podcast, a business, an app coming out, 3 children… how do you do it ?”

The honest answer is ..sometimes I just don’t know. Gasp.

Yep, I can give you all the productivity hacks and business systems … but sometimes I honestly wonder and forget how much I do get done …

But if I dig deeper and was truly honest with you – for me, there is no other option.

I was no longer willing to settle for budgeting my Tesco food shop each week and having to Chuck things out of the basket because we had maxed the spend.

I wasn’t willing to put my kids in a school that by Ofsted’s standards “required improvement “( that wasn’t catchment school “

I was absolutely not fucking willing to sacrifice holidays.

And over my dead body was I ever asked my husband for money again to buy bloody makeup of a £30 Topshop jumper. I had felt shame in those moments and I wasn’t willing to relive it.

The truth is.. the things I didn’t want were so goddamn clear.

I wasn’t stupid.
I was smart.

So I studied successful people and I read and read and read what successful people do.

They were willing to take risks. They were willing Io fail. They were willing to get out of the mother fucking comfort zone because they all knew something was on the other side of it…

And they all knew the power of their own thoughts and mind and that they, in fact, could co-create.

If you want a big life- you simply cannot do it from a place of comfortableness…

I truly don’t think for the majority of us that will ever work.

And so I realised for me .. I just made what I wanted NON NEGOTIABLE.

No goddamn negotiable.

Listen to those words.

I invested in myself.
I got mentors to help me.
I did the FUCKING work.
I took the RISKS.
I invested more.

And then I saw results which gave me confidence…

You see .. I was shit scared of it not working. I wasn’t CONFIDENT BEFORE.

It came after.

After all of the above.

That’s why you NEED someone to believe in you first.

That’s how I help my clients more than anything.

It’s seeing what is possible for them before they can.

It’s having belief in them when they don’t believe in themselves.

The same way my coaches did for me.

And that’s why Coaching is so bloody powerful and I love it… ❤️

So my secret is .. I didn’t believe in myself .. I just wasn’t willing to give up.

Much love

Noor x

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