At the back end of 2018, I made one of the biggest and scariest.. , yet liberating business decisions that truly changed the trajectory of my business and also my soul.

No.. I’m not going to tell you that I invested in a coach or course… in fact .. I took a massive step BACK from my business mentors and coaches. 😱😱

And flew solo. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I did this for a few reasons…

1. The travelling around the world was hard with a baby.. and my mentors all had international events. And I made a personal decision that my kids came first and I wasn’t willing to be away from them… especially Amira at this age. I had always made a commitment to breastfeeding for 18 months and so leaving her wasn’t an option for me in my heart.

2. I needed to separate from all the ideas and opinions of others.

3. I needed to know I could do it alone.

4. I needed to learn to trust my self and listen to my gut.

5. I needed to learn how to deal with my FOMO. I wanted to be at everyone’s events, everywhere. I thought somehow my business would suffer if I wasn’t there!


My soul had been feeling an internal resistance and my own entrepreneurial flare was being suffocated by the “shoulds” of the coaching industry last year.

So I took a fucking step back.

At the beginning of business – I believe for 90% + of people need Mentorship and coaching of some sort in order to reach a level of success.

Because … So many businesses fail within 3 years .. and I think it’s because we think we can go it alone ..(and no .. we can’t!)

But the problem with that is .. we then also need to IMITATE before we innovate… (and that’s ok at the beginning) but I had found my feet and yet I still felt “stuck”… WTF

I was making money and loved my business… yet there was a niggle… I was trying to scale it BY everyone else’s rules… or at least of the rules of the internet marketing/coaching world.

And these experts were smart .. BUT…

I was struggling to find my voice amongst all the clever sales funnels and messenger bot sequences I was being taught.

I was struggling to hear what my soul was saying in amongst the scripted videos and perfectly written copy ..

And after months and months of investing thousands in the best coaches …

……I decided to break up with them.

And something happened.🔥🔥🔥🔥

I learned to trust myself.😍

I finally ditched what I was “supposed” to do to scale my business and I did whatever I bloody wanted to do.😍

I stopped relying on validation and used my own business instincts.😍

I did a launch, then another, then another .. I grew my list, I got hundreds of new clients and generated a lot of money … and it all felt so delightfully easy.❤️❤️❤️

I listened to my gut intently and manifested the most amazing stuff.🔥🔥

I remembered that business doesn’t need to be complicated … that in fact … we can make a complex funnel and include clever copy and various CTAS and upsells and downsells and god damn sea shells if we want .. BUT NONE of that fucking matters if you aren’t in alignment.





The voices of everyone around me.

So let me caveat by saying … maybe it wasn’t Totally accurate that I flew entirely solo..

I did invest in some on-off coaching for my mindset and hypnotherapy… and I did invest in a course by one of the biggest internet marketers out there (whose course was actually massively average and made me question his integrity as his sales pitch was mega).. so it was pretty useless to me.

Anyways … I learned so much from riding solo and now feel SO totally aligned with my business in a way that I haven’t felt since the beginning.

I have this sense of excitement and also excited to NOW investing in a mentor who will help me… because now it’s on MY terms and I know what I want!!!

Whenever I invest in myself in the right way… magic happens…..


In an industry where everyone becomes carbon copies of their mentors .. it was important for me to remind myself (and for you to remind yourself also)…

I don’t need to be like anyone… nor will I ever be like anyone else if I want to truly have a business that stands the test of time.

Nor do you.

And a Brucey bonus… my profit has grown as I’ve saved on mentors whilst I let go TO GROW…

This meant I could Invest in building my net worth in other today I invested thousands into ART ?! Watch this space on the results of that 🤣

👌The message here is .. trust yourself.

👌Business isn’t as hard or complicated as people like to sell it to you as.

👌It’s ok to LET GO in order to GROW.

👌Get clear on what you want and then find a mentor to help you there…

👌A cookie-cutter approach is great at the beginning of your business but as you grow and scale… it’s important to find your own voice and innovate…

👌And most of all… some things are more important to me .. and I’ve learned to be OK with missing out on things NOW whilst my babies grow…

Because I’m blessed AF to be smarter than my school teachers thought and also have my secret weapon which has supported me in creating a thriving business 🤣🤣🤣

Much love,

Noor XOX

P.S I’m opening up some 1:1 coaching spots for start in September. If you want to scale your coaching or service business and ready to be fully supported mentally and business-ally, then holla at me. Please only apply if you are making some money in your business and want to really grow or launch something to scale that baby up. HIT reply with APPLY or DM me xx

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