When starting out on the road to entrepreneurship, it is a  little like pregnancy. You put so much energy into something for you can’t even see for 9 months and when you finally birth it, it is just the beginning of a whole new adventure.

So what are my tips for when you are starting out?

1) Drop perfection. it is just fear dressed in Jimmy Chaos. We wear it like a  badge of honour but they it is uncomfy as hell. Done is always better than perfect,

2) Make quality and service to your customers your focus. Never over promise and under-deliver. Without them, you have no business so never forget that.

3) Always take action, move forward, and make progress every day —even when it’s uncomfortable

4) Never, ever give up. Like never. Or ever.  ( You get my drift.)

5) Invest in a mentor and ask for help. If somebody has done what you want then learn from them. this will fast track your success and save you in costly mistakes a long the way,

6) Always remember that with entrepreneurship, that with every risk you take, the reward can be massive.

When you start a business, you never know what to expect. You will be excited about the making money, gaining financial freedom, being able to work from your laptop on a beach in the Maldives ( tick!)  etc. You are probably also feeling a  scared, be second guessing your decisions and asking yourself constantly “What the F have I done?!”

Rest assured, this is all completely normal so take a breath, you are not going mad but I want you to be prepared for what is to come. When you start a new business venture it is a bit like when you first start dating a new guy. it is exciting and you are obsessed. then you have your first fall out, all you want to do is cry and you wondered what you ever saw in him in the first place. But when you kiss and make up, you love them even more. It is the same in business. there will be highs and lows and moments where you need to wish you hadn’t bothered. but when you make your first sale or get your first client, you realise it is all worth it.

The legend Richard Branson, says
“There will be times when you want to give up and throw everything in. Don’t.”
Sometimes, building your business will be a struggle. When you are tempted to give up, to quit, to walk away- pull up your big girl pants and ask yourself  ‘ What would Beyonce do?”

Successful people have a marker that I have noticed. They don’t run away from challenges, they run towards them. When obstacles come, channel your inner Wonder Women (strike the pose) and get on with it. Everything is figure out-able.

Getting started may be a requirement, but never quitting is a necessity. And you have the power to start taking action, now.  So I want you to do these things,

Write down “I ain’t no quitter!” And shout in a loud American accent. (Ok, I am kidding you but hey, it may work better!!)

Write down “I must move forward every day! Momentum is my BFF!”

Write Down ” Everything I desire is MINE”

Post this somewhere you will see it every single day (preferably in the morning).

If you do these things, there is nothing to stop you from being the badass business woman that you want.

Much love,

Noot xox

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