I got off a client call today with one of my wonderful private clients and it occurred to me, that we become so damn precious about our own bullshit.
We love our own stories so much, that we would happily write it out and use a pretty highlighter on it and then laminate the fuck out of it (gosh, I love laminating) and then we hang it up like a prized possession that we can continually refer to.

Out stories are powerful, even the ones that actually STOP us for success.
‘I need to be professional and have it perfect’ are two

of the laminated bullshit stories that I hear a lot of coaches saying.
The most ironic part of this is, that in fact by being YOU, (you without the mask on that feel shes needs to portray herself in a certain way), by being the person you are at your very core, you will attract more people into your business world than anybody else.

I’m by the way not negating that a level of ‘professionalism’ is required in order to be a great business woman but professionalism, doesn’t have to mean suits and rules and doing it by a book that has been written by suffocated humans ( they are suffocated from tight ties that they were told to wear)

The truth is, the bull shit stories of perfections are all just, wait for it.. bull shit.

It’s so god damn cliche but people do really buy from people and your job is NOT to get it perfect or get it ‘oh so right’ or script the shit out of it all… but it is to BE YOU and to own that.

All your beautiful and ugly and totally messy parts

To share you and your stories and your experiences because you are the expert of your own life in full knowledge that [arts of your story will resonate with people on different levels.

When you try to make everything ‘perfect’, guess what, you don’t actually do 90% of that which is needed to get business done.
You wouldn’t do the facebook lives or write the content or create the funnel because you are questioning the perfectionist piece of it every step of the way.

You are so stuck in how to get it right that quite honestly it doesn’t ever get done and your dreams of creating a successful business is a just a dream… a dream that won’t become reality because you won’t move.

Paralyzed by ” how I should be” instead of just being.

Or listening to what your heart is telling you to do.

Contrary to popular freaking belief, Google does NOT have all the answers, but inside you lies a treasure chest of exactly what needs to be said and done in order to grow your amazing business and if you don’t have the answer, your inner genius will guide you to the right person that does, that can help you.

That has always been the way for me.

What would it feel like if you just had some trust that you are enough- that your message is enough and that you already know exactly what you need to say – IF OU JUST listened.

That it’s ok to sometimes be a shambolic mess and that people will still love you for that.

if you were to take off all the masks who are you ar your core. if you were to take down the laminated card that says I MUST BE this certain way in order to be a successful businesswoman or whatever it is, how would that feel?



It is scary to take oft the masks because that means that you have to be you and that the world would need to see all of you and that is really scary,
what if they don’t like you?

what if they judge?

what if you talk shit?

Well. that is likely .. but trusting that your highest self and soul knows EXACTLY what needs to be said and trusting that, is the way to CREATE content that CONVERTS.

Think about all your laminated bull shit and ask yourself, who would I be and how would I show up if I dropped those beliefs and stopped telling myself those stories?

Who would I be if I had the courage and faith that my ideal clients will resonate with me when I stop trying to get it so perfect and come across so professional…

people want to see real people. people buy from real people.. not robots.

Just saying.

Love Noor x
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