This week has been really hard for me. There have been things going on backstage in Noor’s world which has been draining a lot of my energy and this is highly unusual for me.  I am a super positive person and always like to see the bright side of life but sometimes, we need to wake up and smell the coffee when things are not going well and address these things.

Perhaps there is a situation in your life that you have been avoiding or a conversation that you have gone through a thousand times in your head but haven’t actually plucked up the courage to discuss?

Most women hate to have difficult conversations, especially with people they care about or respect. But as a business owner, a mother, and women, I needed to step up and have them. Why? Because I am on a never ending quest for inner growth and when we do something that makes us feel uncomfortable, we grow. And also because when we dig our heads in the sands and try to ignore it, we actually spend hours having mental conversations with ourselves and this is a total and utter waste of energy.

This week my bestie admitted I had hurt her feelings with a flippant comment I had made a few weeks back. This broke my heart but I know how hard it would have been to tell me that and I am so thankful for her stepping up and sharing it with me. WHY? Because I value honesty and I am never ever too proud to say- Sorry and I love you. And look, I am sure there will be a time that she upsets me and I can share that with full knowledge that we can have these honest convos. Our friendship will be ten times stronger for the authenticity and at least I can be aware of what may hurt her again and never ever say it again 😉

So I had to take a leaf out of her book and do the same with someone who had let me down. So what does a girl do in these situations, you get SUPPORT.

Digging your head in the sand will do nothing for your future so if you need support in dealing with these difficult conversations, then get it. My dad was my first port of call and of course my biz bestie.  My dad is a lawyer and has always always taught me to look at both sides of each story from all angles and all perspectives. This level headed approach allows you to go into a difficult conversation without letting all your own ego or emotions run the show. I think it is always important to deal with all difficult conversations with grace.

So after weeks of deliberating, I finally decided to deal the situation and it was a huge relief. Well, when I say ‘finally deal’. I started writing out an email to the person, and then got distracted and went back into deliberating mode. I had been asking the universe for days if this was the right thing to do and had been waiting for a sign. Next minute I get an email back from the person and the half written email had been sent. I HAD NO IDEA HOW. Thanks Universe. You clearly weren’t going to wait around for me and this was the metaphorical kick up the booty and the sign I had waited for.

I am glad it did sen though as I needed to just DEAL WITH IT. The negative juju from the whole situation was wreaking havoc with my manifesting energy so I am so thankful to be able to let it go.

Here are a few of my lessons from this week

1. Be honest but fair.

2. Don’t let things fester in your head- this energy will run into all areas of your life

3. If you have a difficult situation and not sure if you are right or wrong then ask a third party for an unbiased view and be prepared or them to tell you that you are a drama queen.

4. Even at 31, when you need your daddy to just be a daddy, then ask him for help.

5. Deal with every situation with love and race and do what feels right.

6. Forgive anybody that has wronged you and send them love.

7. Sometimes people have the best intentions but disappoint you

8. That, however, daunting a situation, know that when ou deal with it, you are equipped for even bigger conversations later on.

Much  love,

Noor xox

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