IS IT TIME TO BUILD YOUR OWN ONLINE BUSINESS serving clients through your one on one programs or online courses to make the impact and income you desire?


if the answer is a ‘hell yes!’ …then COME TAKE A LOOK AROUND BABYCAKEs. the business academy is youR step-by-step system to building a profitable online service business. 



It’s time to take that amazing business idea that has been bubbling inside you, and make it a reality inside the JFDI Business Academy.

Inside this incredible monthly membership, you will get the step-by-step business strategy to go from ground zero in your online business, to your first client, and beyond.

There is no other business building opportunity out there, like this right now, and is YOUR chance to finally build a life on your OWN terms.

A powerful program for people who want an extraordinary life and are ready to just f*cking make it happen.

This is for anyone who wants support to build their business from GROUND zero or has an online business but still figuring out what the f a funnel is and wants to create more consistency  through automation.

If you are looking for low cost way to start creating the income and impact you desire, then keep on reading.



This program is for go-getting, high vibe, I’m ready to f*cking do it type of people, who are determined to build a business they love and want the mentorship to do it.

The Business Academy is perfect for COACHES, CONSULTANTS, HEALERS, ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINERS/YOGA INSTRUCTORS, VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS, GRAPHIC OR WEBSITE DESIGNERS to name but a few. If you can create a business that serves or teaches something, then the Academy is perfect for you!

Whether you want to offer your services through a one on one coaching/consulting or an online course delivered live or through self-study, then the Academy is for YOU.

What is the BUSINESS ACADEMY and why did I create it?

As a highly qualified business coach who has consistently made six figures in my business every year, I love mentoring women to build their own freedom.

I’ve taught hundreds of people how to go from business idea to making it a reality as well as supporting hundreds of people to scale their businesses to six figures and beyond.

The truth is, when I started to build my businesses I was all alone.. and was figuring out all the pieces myself.

But when I invested in a mentor, that all changed as I got a PATH to SUCCESS.

And that path is what I teach you inside the Business Academy.

I know that when you are starting out, paying thousands for a course is just not feasible and so I decided to make my business knowledge accessible at a much lower cost..and voila, the Business Academy was born- a year long program for anyone who is ready to create profit from doing something love on their own fucking terms.

The BUSINESS ACADEMY IS the a membership that takes you step-by-step from ground zero to motherf*cking business hero .

Unlike other business programs, where you get given tons of info and no step-by-step formula, I teach you how to go from A- B in a linear fashion plus you get the support to really succeed.


core content Curriculum

(just an overview- there’s way more inside)

 any’t market

  • Unicorn Client – You need to know who you gotta serve so you can master your messaging and create a sales funnel that works
  • Market Research so you know exactly what your people want and need. You will thank me later.



  • Branding Like A Boss – Your brand is your business card and it needs to convey the right message to your tribe.
  • Nailing Your Offering/Pricing – Lets get clear on how to put an offering together that has your ideal clients shouting’ SIGN ME UP BABY!:
  • Website Building – Get templates on how to structure all the core pages on your website so that it is user friendly and converts leads into clients.
  • Social Media Presence – The how, the why and the whats. From Facebook pages to Instagram growth tactics, I’ve got you boo.


  • Building Your Tribe (list building) 101 – No list, no money honey. It’s like having an amazing party and no one to go to it. List building is simple if you have someone show you HOW to do it. **cough cough**
  • Creating  A Lead Magnet To Grow your Audience– This is the fundamental front end piece of any successful funnel- and so may people get this oh-so wrong. You won’t be one of those women.
  • Sales Funnels 101 – Lets put the fun back into funnels as I break this shizzle down for you.Not to mention include full tutorials on how to set it up. Can I hear an AMEN?
  • Paid And Organic Lead Generation 


  • Curating Content – including a 30 day visibilty planner. You need to nurture those leads and instead of wondering WTF to post, I’ll show you.
  • Copy That Converts – Copywriting is a skill and we cover the best practices inside the membership. Not to mention access to our team copywriter for support!
  • Facebook Lives – the highs, the lows and even scripts to follow. I got your back.


  • Stellar Sales – This all starts with mindset and how to sell with confidence not feel like a sleazy car sales man. 
  • Hosting Discovery Calls – Scared? Don’t worry, Follow my calls structure to support you in feeing excited rather than worried about to what to say..
  • Payment Gateways – the tech has got to be dealt with. 


  • Launch Plans– Get clear on the strategy to doing your first BETa launch or even your third launch 
  • Launch ADs Roadmap – Know how to execute on Facebook Ads for the launch of your course
  • Launch Checklists– You don’t have to go it alone or wonder if you have missed anything out.. we cover it all inside of the Business Academy

and so much more!!!! 

  • Basic Facebook Ads Training
  • Client Onboarding
  • Hiring A Team 
  • Setting Up For Sales Calls

How will it work?

When You Join, you get FULL access to the CORE content Curriculum straight away.

This is designed for you to go STEP-BY STEP. This is a linear journey.

This is the A-Z Framework to going from “I’d love an online business’ to ‘OMG, I’ve got my first client!”



What’s Included

What Do You Get Inside The Business Academy


We start at A and we go to Z.  From OMG, where do I start to OMG I’ve got my first client.

Each month you will be given bitesize yet in-depth training  (by me), on what you need to do to go from idea to implementation. 

I teach you all the pillars of growing a successful online service business. You will be delivered the core content over the first 4 months and then bonus training will be released after that!

Monthly Coaching With Noor

Once a month, Noor will dive deep on a subject and answer the most frequently asked questions.

The JFDI Academy

Mindset and manifesting are 80% of business success., so you get full access to everything inside the JFDI Academy.

VIP Access To Bonus Trainings

I partner with incredible people to get you huge discounts off extra training to support your business growth.

Guest Expert Trainings

I partner with incredible people to g give you extra insights into Business: Coming up, Accounting Training, PR Training and Author Training

What’s the Investment?

To become part of the brand spanking new Business Academy starts from only £149 per month.

Yes, for all the incredible content, support, coaching and access to a vault of incredibleness to get you building that dream business. If you implement what I teach, you have the potential to 10x that investment.

And there is no contract or commitment option so, you can cancel at any time (although you would stupid to as your  future and dream business is calling you!!!)

Make 2020 your BEST year ever and let’s get building your business today!


I’m so excited for everyone that   wants to train to become a coach as one of the biggest bonuses of joining the JFDI ACADEMY is my partnership with The TRANSFORMATION  ACADEMY who provide a range of accredited coaching courses in a variety of niches. AS a member of the JFDI Academy, you will get access to an incredible 50% OFF these courses as a member of my programs.

Totes All In

Save Money _ Get Lifetime Access To Content
  • Get immediate lifetime access to all the content
  • Get Acess to Coaching and Community in The Business Academy for one year.
  • BONUS: JFDI Business Giftbox


Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes, but we hope you won’t! If you pay monthly and cancel – you will lose all access to the content and support.

If you do not cancel your account befoe the next payment date- you will be liable to be pay for that month.

Please note, that we remove you from the Facebook community on the day of cancellation, but you have access to all material till the end of your month.

When is the Monthly Coaching with Noor?

The coaching live will vary month-to-month, but fear not. All lives are available on replay in case you miss one. 


It depends on your bank conversion and the month but you can get a rough estimate

Can you guarantee my success if I invest?

Truthbomb time.. the only person that can guarantee your success is YOU. That is why you get access to all the incredible mindset tools inside the JFDI academy as part of the business academy. I promise to deliver the content needed for you to reach success, you gotta promise to implement. Deal?

Can I get pesonal coaching support from Noor on my business inside the business Academy?

This is not one on one coaching or a group coaching programme, and is one of the most cost effective ways to build your business and be taught by Noor. However, this does not include coaching by Noor personally on your individual businesses. You can get support from one of Noor’s Dream Team coaches inside the Facebook group who are on hand to support you,  and if you wish to get one on one support form Noor, then VIP upgrades will be available at a later date! 


Yes and No! When you join a gym, you get to use the equipment and classes whilst you are a member. Once you leave you don’t expect to be able to still get personal training. You will get access to the MEMBERSHIP hub content, the Facebook Group and coaching calls with me whilst you are a member ONLY.

However, if you purchase any of the Business Bolt-Ons these are separate and are yours for life or as per their  own commitments


I have no clue what my business idea is, will you help me inside the Academy?

The Academy is not right for you at this time because we take the idea you have and we roll with it. Take some time out to brainstorm what you would love to do and then come back to us!!

You would be bonkers to not join with this price and the incredible value that you get, all aimed at helping you create the life better than your dream business

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