time to reconnect with the most important person in your life… you.  8-week  live  experience  hosted by bestselling author and mindset coach, Noor Hibbert.


aI am inviting you to come join me for an exclusive 8-week experience that will get you going deeper than you ever have on the biggest project of your life- YOU
I’m inviting you to stop whizzing round the hamster wheel of life, take a minute to catch a breath, and give yourself permission to explore all parts of the powerful being that you are.
I’m always getting emails from people, from all over the world who feel confused and stuck what their direction is, and to help those people get more clarity on who they truly are and what direction their life should take, I birthed The Purpose Project.
The reason this work s so important is that without direction, we inhibit our ability to manifest what we want. 
When we feel overwhelmed and lost, we are not tapped in and tuned into Universe FM. 
When we go through life on autopilot, or clock watching our days, we miss the unique opportunity to co-create a life better then our dreams. 
And that is why this program is so incredibly powerful and game-changing.

 THe purpose project is a journey of self-discovery and connecting back to your pure potenial and f*cking awesomeness…


I sat down for month after month to really think about how I got to the place in my life where my purpose has found me and I believe you have to be at a certain mindset and vibrational alignment in order for purpose to find you. I realised there were processes that got me there.

When I really thought about how I got to where I am I managed to think of some processes, some learnings and Direction and I put it all together with the crucial pieces and elements and I’ve called it the Purpose Project.

This program is not a ‘find the business that is right for you type of program – yes many of you may start to piece together the business that you want or perhaps get clear divine downloads and what the next steps are as a result of this program but this program is a much more deeper experience into exploring who you truly are and what you really want to do with your life.

This program has been created to help you understand why you are here, wha your soul is calling for you to do, get explicitly clear on what you do and don’t want  and support you in becoming better connected with the Universe so that you can follow the signs and listen to It’s guidance.

Who Is This Program Good For?

  • Anyone considering a career change
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs/mumpreneurs who want more clarity on their direction
  • Seasoned entrepreneurs seeking more meaning and alignment
  • Those who feel they are a slave to their wages
  • Those stuck in a rut or funk
  • Those frustrated with inconsistent motivation
  • Those who feel lost in life, wandering aimlessly, or clock-watching their days away,
  • Aspiring leaders who want to change the world

The Purpose Project was nothing that I expected and everything I needed. I went in hoping to find my purpose but I came out understanding myself, my needs and how I want to live, so much better. If you want to start to live a more rich and fulfilling life, take this journey with Noor. You will be so happy you did.

Munira Gangji

I took part in the purpose project because I was looking for clarity with my purpose. The tools that Noor teaches are great to give you insights and thinking points, like the little crumbs to follow that will help you unearth something new about yourself. Noor is passionate about what she teaches and all her energy always shines through, never failing to deliver the value to her courses.


Shereen Nasser

I found Noor (or she found me) when I was looking for ideas of what I wanted to do with this next chapter of my life. After her January 2020 5 day bootcamp I joined the JFDI Academy, bought her amazing book and haven’t looked back! When Noor offered a chance to be part of her new Purpose Project in July I jumped at the chance! Noor is a truly genuine, relatable, inspirational coach and I highly recommend this course! Noor uses her research, experience and passion while giving you tools  to explore your individual personality,  preferences, values, and interests through a learning process that not only helps you increase self-awareness, it’s fun!!  If you are looking for more meaning, motivation and/or satisfaction in your life, this course is for you!

Stacy Albarran

what you will learn inside of The Purpose Project?

  • Why and how purpose is inextricably intertwined with manifesting

  • The Purpose Cycle you must work through during life

  • Your inner child and what they crave

  •  Understanding how you have become disconnected/divinely homelessness from your true self. 

  • How to discover your top values in life and how to live by them

  • How to create a powerful vision

  • How to unwire toxic & negative values

  • The vision for living a purposeful life

  • Getting really clear on what you do and don’t want in life

  • How to discover your top 5 strengths

  •  Your Dharma – unique genius

  • How to monetize YOU.

  • How to overcome the fear so you can take action towards your something big

  • How to unwire your top limiting beliefs so you can take action towards your purpose

  •  How to listen to the Universe’s guides and clues.

  • How to stay on track with your life purpose

  • How to find your Zone Of Genius

  • How to build strong habits

  • Fun tests, quizzes, etc to get you zoned in your personality.

+ so much more deliciousness!

BONUS  for  first 100 people only : I’ll be doing a unique brainstorming session where you can sit with me online and we can look at how to take your skills and genius make a business out of it if that’s what you desire 

I learnt more about myself in six weeks being a part of The Purpose Project with Noor Hibbert than I have in my entire 46 years on this planet! Working with Noor has helped me to understand what truly motivates me, what my core values are, what makes me tick and so much more. During The Purpose Project I experienced a knock you right between your eyes ‘aha’ moment and for the first time in my life I now know exactly what my ‘something big’ is! I can actually work towards living my absolute best life with clarity and it feels really good. I cannot thank Noor enough. The Purpose Project has literally been life changing for me.


Rebecca Manley

Eye-opener! If you want to change your life, you have to take action instead of turning around on the same spot. Here is to learn in which direction you can move…

Anica Ruyssinck

Noor did it again. Amazing course & input when you are feeling a bit lost.  This is a must for when you need to realise your goal !

Mandi Kaur

“The Purpose Project” was great, a unique opportunity to focus on different aspects of myself.

When I started it I was feeling very confused and disoriented, but through the live classes and exercises, my attention shifted from the need to find a quick answer to a discovering journey within myself which resulted in a greater clarity.

As Noor says, you need to do the work but it’s a great help to get clearer on your “purpose”, even with some unexpected results.

I would definitely recommend it.

Angelica Pellegrino

What will you walk away with after our 8 weeks together?

Confidence that you have the power to create a life bigger and better than you already have

A sense of Direction of what your purpose will be to start nurturing.

Transformation from the inside out- you won’t see the world through the same lens after this program.

A deeper Connection with who you are and what you desire out of life.

I truly believe that if you are here reading this then your soul is calling you to explore your higher purpose. Yes, you have one,.

Are you ready to get clear on what you are meant to do in this world?



This course is incredible! Regardless of how you feel about your purpose, whether you feel like you have it all figured out or whether you don’t have a clue I would highly recommend this course. Not only will you go deep into why you do the things you do but you will also learn more about living in the present and how purpose isn’t just one thing like we are led to believe. I learnt so much about myself from this course and the way Noor teaches makes it all so easy to digest. You will not regret it. Thank you Noor.


Danielle Booth

I finished the Purpose Project with Noor a few months back and it really transformed my life. I have struggled with what direction my life should take and have always felt like something was missing. During the course I had so many “Ah Ha!” moments. I realised what was truly important to me. I was so focused on what others assumed should be my path without even being aware that was what I was doing. This course is a game changer for anyone looking to find yourself and your purpose. Thank you Noor for this program. Anyone who has the opportunity to take this course must! You won’t regret it.


Deborah Sampson

The Purpose Project is about finding and guiding you towards your something big. That something big may not be the thing that makes you the most amount of money- your purpose is not always the thing that creates your abundance. However, if you can tap into what makes you happy and find a way to monetize that then this is a truly unique blessing
Every single one of us has a unique dharma and this journey is tapping into that. We’ve all been given the tools and experience to create any life that we truly desire so it’s about connecting with that and that’s what this program is going to be around.
This program will involve a lot of doing inward work, practices and exercises, meditations and connection with the universe full stop because when you can hear what the universe is saying to you you can have the faith to follow it.

Purpose is about evolving and understanding how to connect with who you are, or how to become the person you really are at your very core and happening to watch really makes you joyful. You have to be ready to listen to the Universe telling you what your purpose is and also ready to take action upon it.

Just a wee testimonial to say how I loved and appreciate the Purpose Project. This has certainly been the “key” to helping me on the right path in my life. Noor delivered this course to us over several weeks and I loved tuning in every week. Knowing that I was in a group with people who were all trying and working to find their purpose was encouraging in itself not to mention the boundless amounts of encouragement that Noor gives us. Her enthusiasm is infectious and will spur you on to make that change. Forever grateful.

Valerie Wailly

I adored the purpose project! It really helped me fine tune what I love in life and why I want to do it. 

I already knew my calling in life before the purpose project but I couldn’t resist a new course from Noor and I am so thankful I purchased it! Noor walks you through so much valuable stuff that I never thought would be so important to me and my purpose.

Whether you’re unsure of what your purpose is in life or if you already have an idea, the purpose project is incredible! Worth every penny as always!


I did the purpose project and it has helped me clarify what I needed to do in the short term already. It really helped me look inside and see what excites me and what strengths I have. The homework was insightful and gave me the prompts I needed to think about what really matters to me.


I need to revisit it to work on this further but you have the programme to go back to at any time which is so good as you can redo the modules as things change and continue to work towards your full potential. 


Would definitely recommend 

Kirsty Richards

“I joined The Purpose Project group as I was looking for something. Something more. Something for guidance. Something to make me think about what it is I actually want to do and how I want to live my life. 

By being part of the group and listening to what Noor was saying I came to realise that it’s my choice and I can create the life I want to lead. 

Each week I enjoyed the lessons learned and homework given.

It’s not an easy breezy walk in the park but it sure is worth it.”

Karen Hodgson

I bought this programme when Noor first released it and, like all of Noor’s programmes, it is brilliant.  Noor has been a huge part of my life since August 2019 when I first stumbled into her world through her book and the JFDI book club!  Since then I have immersed myself deeply in her programmes and haven’t regretted a single moment!  Noor’s energy and enthusiasm is so inspiring as well as “catching”, you leave a session with Noor feeling energised and refreshed and ready to take on the world!  In a time when lots of things leave one feeling drained and stressed, this is worth it’s weight in gold!    If you are looking for direction and purpose in life or if you have a dream that you want to turn into a goal, then this is the programme for you.  And if you are not, well then it’s still the programme for you because after this programme you will have a purpose and a vision! 🙂 

Leslie Hyland

I Have Really Learned A lot About Myself And Found My Purpose. There Is Loads Of Amazing Content And The Lovely Noor Is With You All The Way! 

I Highly Recommend The Purpose Project. You Will Learn So Much About Yourself. 

Melanie Casey.

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What’s the Investment?

Ready to Just Fucking Do It? 


If you for some reason have any issues with inputting your data or inputting your card details or get an error message, please email us at support@jfdiacademy.com.

**Mug will be sent out once all payments are completed if on payment plan.

The Purpose Project – yet again another great course from Noor. Gave me loads of inspiration and ideas to help me find my purpose. A choc a bloc course full of tasks, homework, quizzes, and questions to journal on. All i can say is THANKS! Loved it! 

Heather Williams

The Purpose Project has been life and mindset-changing for me. Noor is so relatable, and her care for her audience really shines through her teachings. If you are feeling lost or directionless, this is the course for you! She teaches you how to really narrow down your focus to what truly matters to you. There really is nothing out there like this and I highly recommend it to anyone struggling to find their purpose in life!  

Lathie Vannabouathong

Noor, thank you so so much for this amazing program.  I loved and enjoyed every minute of it, from the calls to the homework.  A lot of AHA moments and finding out more about me and my purpose.  You give this program so much thought and your passion to help people really shone through.  Thanks again, has really helped me move forward.  Would highly recommend to anyone, allows you to question  a lot about yourself in order to move forward and shine 💛

Jackie Mallon



You can cancel within 14 days of purchase at any point until the course starts. Once the course begins, we have a strict no refund policy.


I have no intention of doing this live again as all of my energy is dedicated to my JFDI + Business Academy members. but as I put together this program I want to do this live so that I can really get a feel for what you guys  want and need as I’m going through during the process and so I can support you guys by creating extra stuff that’s going to really compliment your journey of tapping into your purpose


It depends on your bank conversion and the month but you can get a rough estimate https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/


Yes, absolutely. all trainings etc will be put int the members portal for you to access at a later date.

Can I get personal coaching support from Noor inside this program?

This is not one on one coaching, this is a group workshop experience.  There will be a LIVE breakthrough session where you will have an opportunity to brainstorm business ideas based on the work you have done during the program.

Can you guarantee my success if I invest?

Truthbomb time.. the only person that can guarantee your success is YOU. That is why you get access to all the incredible mindset tools inside the JFDI academy as part of the business academy. I promise to deliver the content needed for you to reach success, you gotta promise to implement. Deal?

You would be bonkers to not join with this price and the incredible value that you get, all aimed at helping you create the life better than your dreams.

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