Welcome to the successful coach workshop masterclass

  aHey  there aspiring or new Coach!


Congratulations. =You’ve just done something that puts you miles ahead of most people who have a dream of having a successful six-figure coaching business…because you’ve watched the strategy laid out in the video above that introduces the simplest yet powerful way to launch your online coaching business. 


I will also be sending you a few emails over the next few days that will help you even MORE to go for your dreams!  i’d love for you to add me as a friend on Facebook and DM me and let me know if you enjoyed the masterclass and have any questions!


I have been building and growing my coaching business for the last 5 years. I’ve invested in hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of courses, coaching and mentoring! I have tried all the different strategies, built a bazillion funnels and experimented with what is the simplest way to build my business. 


Because I like to keep things simple AF.


 That’s why I love teaching my ABCD Formula to brand new coaches as it can position you as an authority quickly, build your confidence up rapidly and help you generate many sals in just one week. 


My clients have made everything between £2k in one week all the way to £100k in one week depending on where they were to begin with. 


This strategy works and what I love most about it, is that it’s the simplest strategy to use that can be repurposed over and over again and also used alongside other strategies to grow your business.


I have spent years testing it and it works for selling one-to-one coaching, launching group programs and building memberships, and doesn’t include any complicated funnels or huge overheads to do it. 


And the best bit, inside of the Business Academy, we help you build every single step of your coaching business so you do not need to go it alone! Not only do i teach everything it’s taken me to get to seven-figures, you get unparalleled support at an amazing investment


Click the link below and on the next page—I’ve created a video and  you’ll see all the details laid out.



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