I was flicking through some photos today trying to find an old picture of me for an exercise I’m doing with the ladies who are attending your  Transform event in London tomorrow and I came across this one below of my daughter Layla. As you can see I stuck a post-it note on her to celebrate her reaching just over her birth weight. She was tiny. Like a little doll when she was born 4 weeks early and shocked the shit out of me.

I was adamant to breastfeed but my boobs were the size of footballs and her little mouth could barely manage to drink. The health visitor came round and she had dropped to 5lbs and they were telling me that I would need to put her on formula. I cried and said I wouldn’t. They made me take my baby to a hospital as they made me feel like I was a bad mother. I kicked and screamed and demanded they gave me more time. I cried through the pain of breastfeeding and pain of watching my tiny baby struggling to feed and crying through the emotions and pain of my bits being in agony!! 

Why was everyone telling me to do something that felt so wrong? I was blessed enough to have 2 footballs FULL of milk and it seemed so crazy to have to give her formula when I had this on tap. I had faith that she would gain strength to latch and feed. 

In the end, I was referred to a premature specialist and guess what she said?  The OPPOSITE of everyone. She commended my persistence to fight the system and not listen to the health visitors. WTF? 

After 2 weeks of people talking to me like shit, health professionals making me feel inadequate, nurses not listening … finally, SOMEONE was listening to me and trusted my GUT feeling. And this photo represents that. 

A motherly instinct is to do what is best. If formula had been the best then I would have given her formula. If I couldn’t feed my child then I would have. I wasn’t going to le my baby starve.

What the moral of this story … that some people can you give you some really shitty advice. And the ironic part is that not one of them was actually a mother. I refused to let them tell me. I fought for what I believed to be the best for me and my child. I listened to my gut.

Where in life are you listening to BAD advice? Where in your life are you NOT listening and trusting YOURSELF? 

You are more powerful than you know. 

Much love,



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