Today my mind was blown. I had maple candy for the first time, which is made only from maple syrup and is a totally “clean” sweet. It was delicious and felt guilt-free as it’s come out of a tree. It’s basically like fudge.

It got me to thinking about how they don’t have them in the U.K and took the details of the guy so I can have a truckload sent to the U.K. 🤣 and my business mind went straight to how I could sell those babies. The reality is, I don’t ACTUALLY want a business selling maple candy but my mind is ALWAYS seeing opportunities.

When people say they can’t leave the jobs they hate because they don’t know what they COULD do .. I say wake up and smell the goddamn maple candy!!!!

Finding clean sweets are hard. It’s a problem. Today I found a solution. As someone who loves to eat clean (I’ve not been so clean as a vegan but was clean for 2 years) I’ve committed to cleaning up again and I manifested the maple candy!! But it’s a SOLUTION to a problem.

That’s all business is.

Solutions for problems.

And then exchanging energy for the solution.

At any one time. I’ve got about 5 different business ideas. My mind is always looking at how to solve shit. Not that I pursue them as it’s not good business sense to have multiple businesses running when you are scaling one. But as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I already know that over the next decade I’ll have multiple businesses…

If you are wanting to work for yourself – ask yourself how you can help SERVE by SOLVING problems. Simple.

No excuses. Open your mind and let the Universe put solutions in front of you.

With love from Vermont
Noor x

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