I’m not like most coaches out there on the wild, wild, web.

Number one, I’m qualified AF. I have lots of letters after my name (Noor Hibbert BSc, PGCert, PGDip) because I am highly trained and always continue to up-level my coaching.

FYI- if i could add manifesting queen on the end of my name, I totally would.

In addition to my formal qualifications above, I have trained with Tony Robbins as a Strategic Intervention Coach and with Marisa Peer as a Rapid Transformational Therapist.  

I bring all my training and expertise together, so that I can really fucking help you bring lasting change mentally and emotionally. I’m also a firm believer that by bringing Psychology and Spirituality together, we can radically change our life. I cover this in detail in my book.

But what sets me really apart, is the fact I’m also bloody brilliant at business, and have consistently hit multi-six figures in the last 3 years.

When it comes to helping you build an online service business, I can teach you everything you need to thrive in the online world.

There are three ways you can work with me at varying investment levels. and  depending on what you want.


Inside the amazing JFDI Academy, you get access to an abundance of trainings and support  aimed at getting you to engrain the five crucial steps to manifesting ANYTHING you want. Manifesting forces you to master your mindset and become a concious being, and the JFDI ACADEMY has been designed with that in mind. This is LOW COST, LOW COMMITMENT BUT HIGH IMPACT.


 Inside my signature business building program, The Game Changer, I show you the exact steps to building an online service based business from ground zero. This is perfect for coaches, consultants, healers, virtual service providers such as website developers and graphic designers.


I offer one-off business consultations and strategy sessions for online service-based business owners and 3 months bespoke private coaching, which incorporates RTT and business mentorship/coaching. You can find out more about each one here.


As a well educated and experienced transformational coach, I come well prepared to take on any woman who wishes to see some serious changes I  also know mindset work is the foundation for any successful mumpreneur so I’m ready to go deep with you to uncover those limiting beliefs, break those blockages and reprogram you for success.

If you want clear, simple action steps to get your life and business where you want to go, I am your girl. If you like someone to be upfront and honest  I’m your girl. Growing your business is hard work, but there is no need to overcomplicate things and no reason why we can’t have a laugh along the way. I’ve been in your shoes. I want you to succeed. I believe we were all designed to do big things, and I want to help you make the impact you were meant to make. I will be more than just a coach. I will be your thought partner, sounding board and biggest supporter. (I’ll dust off my pom poms ready to cheer you on too if you want!)


I know how it feels to have limited time and money. You don’t have to worry. I promise to offer you more value then I would ever expect in payment and I will provide you with all the systems and blueprints you need which will save a lot of time and energy!


I can walk the talk because I have actually created successful and profitable businesses. I have created multiple brands in different niches and I have a natural flair for knowing what is going to work. I have created two six-figure businesses years with three kids. Am I special? Hell No. I made the Universe my BFF, got my Shhhhh together and made my dreams non-bloody-negotiable. I’ve used the same strategies to help my clients and have hundreds of testimonials to prove my track record.


I have truly learned that what may initially appear to be an issue in one area in your life may be due to something totally different and out of your immediate awareness. Whilst we will work like mad to get your business off the ground, we will also work to develop healthy habits for your life and business to make sure you remain energised and happy throughout the process.We will explore your most personal relationships, your physical well-being, and your spiritual growth.


I’m a mum I’ve had many coaches that do not get the hustle of motherhood and building an empire. And no judgment, but they just do NOT GET IT. I DO. But I do.

The Game Changer programme with Noor has been an amazing journey for me.

I have worked through the practical steps of creating and building funnels, facebook ads, website development, and building a coaching business from scratch.

The Mindset work on money, owning my genius and developing my own confidence was life changing.

Noor goes out of her way to help wherever she can. Her ideas, knowledge and energy are an inspiration. The network of the other Game Changers has been fantastic. 

I have gone from having very few paid clients to creating my package and making some decent profit as well as feeling super confident in myself and my skills to market myself professionally.

I can highly recommend The Game Changer Programme for all coaches looking to step up their marketing, work on their mindset and be a part of an amazing tribe of female entrepreneurs.



Since working with Noor my mindset has completely transformed.
Not only has my business gone to new levels but every aspect of my life has been positively changed.
Noor’s energy and enthusiasm for life is contagious and she really has opened up my eyes to what is possible.
Since working with Noor I have started to call in some incredible things into my life including achieving some of my huge money goals, my dream clients and I
am well on the way to having my dream body. This work is THE WORK. I truly believe everyone needs to know this stuff. It will change your life in more ways than one.
Tara Hewson

Business Coach

I just wanted to write a quick testimonial. Since taking part in your 5 day bootcamp and then joining the academy my life has changed completely. Before the bootcamp I was working on £14.00 per hour for a recruitment firm, begging to be taken seriously in my field as a remote online business manager working with incredible life coaches.

I quickly learnt through the tools, some in the bootcamp, but mostly in the academy, that I had a raging fear of money. Since starting the bootcamp a few months ago, I have manifested a brand new car (which felt impossible beforehand) and I now have three life coaches signed up for my service offering me my actual hourly rate.

Now, working one hour in a month pays my academy membership fee. I am so grateful and cannot wait to see what other amazing things I can manifest. 

katy cannadine

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