Yes, you.. you keep telling yourself the same old lies, I know because I used to aswell.

I used to buy into some serious bullshit, and because I believed it, my word and actions were also basically a massive load of BS.
I need you to understand something REALLY really IMPORTANT, all your thoughts are just stories.

Stories your brain makes up based on external data. AND just because the stories are there, does NOT mean they are true.
You may be thinking thoughts like ‘ I am not good enough to start my own business” or “everyone will judge me if I go onto a live video sharing my dreams” or “who am I to be wealthy?”..

But in reality, they are just lame-ass thoughts, and even though you are the thinker of those lame-ass thoughts, they simply do not belong to you. Because you, my darling, are FAR FROM anything lame or slightly assy.

These are some of the lame-ass thoughts I had before launching my coaching business (which has given me the life I dream of)

1) Does anyone even know what coaches do?
2) Who will want to pay me?
3) How will I ever get clients? (this is before I ever knew the online world existed!!!)
4) How can I possibly go on a Facebook LIVE? (EVERYONE would judge me!)
5) Is it really possible to make £10k a month, surely I couldn’t?
6) What if I totally fail at it?.

Granted, some of these thoughts are logical thoughts, but almost all cemented in fear… where waa my fucking faith?

All these questions were based on beliefs that I am not good enough.
So I had to switch the narrative AND TAKE ACTION DESPITE THE FEAR.
And OMG, thank God I have.

I say this without meaning to sound like a knob, but I have made an impact in my own little way…

Stepping up against fear, taking action despite my own BS thoughts,
and serving people in my way, has changed people’s lives. My clients have overcome fear, built dream businesses, manifested mega-money, improved their relationships, and overall become MUCH happier humans, I know that because, on a daily basis, I get beautiful messages from incredible people from all over the world telling me so.
It’s insane really.. but it started with me calling BULLSHIT on my thoughts that were not serving me. And not just ‘calling’ BULLSHIT..but screaming it like a possessed woman.

Are you ready to call bullshit on yours??

Are you ready to step up and take control of your life my darling?

Are you ready to welcome the possibility into your life?

Possibility is just on the other side of al; your fears.
And the possibility is fucking limitless….
I know.. because I’m proof.

Much Love,

Noor ‘wants to wake you up’ Hibbert

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